Sunday, June 12, 2011

Final Epitaph. -The Messenger

After this update, there will be no further posts on the blogs surrounding the story of Ron Foster or any of the other parties involved in the Boston incident (Ron, Pete, Clarice, Blake, Lone Hunter).
This is the story of how all the rest followed suit into the next world. Yesterday, I received this information via a letter from Pete/Jack, which they wrote as a final testament.
I choose to post this on this blog, as this one seems to have the most followers.

The passing of Ron Foster was hard on both Pete and Clarice, but they both decided to soldier on in the war against It.

Things were going well for them as they prepared what would be their final experiment by buying a houseboat to test the theory that It cannot cross large bodies of water to get at victims. Pete was never able to remember what went wrong, but when he regained consciousness the following morning, he was no longer Pete, he was Jack Ellison, his previous identity.
Jack remembered nothing of ever being Pete, because he never was Pete. Pete is a separate personality placed within the vessel by The Black King and acted as the soul while Jack slept, but then the original person awakened.

Pete also returned to consciousness a while later and the two personalities agreed to work together find the missing Clarice. She had been taken hostage by The Lone Hunter, who used her as bait for both Blake "Black Leaf" Fletcher and Pete and Jack.
Blake was just barely able to use the Path of Black Leaves to travel to Fort Madison to meet them. They worked together to find and rescue their damsel from the clutches of It's attack dog, and they almost succeeded. Blake and The Lone Hunter killed each other in the battle while Pete/Jack carried the broken form of Clarice to safety, but she was too far gone to save. They buried her in an unmarked grave somewhere in the Iowan countryside.

Quoted directly from the last passage of Pete/Jack's letter: "We leave this to you, Messenger. We are both a life ruined by It and a creation of It also ruined by It. There is nothing left for us now. For I, Jack, have lost my family, my friends, and my love. For I, Pete, I have lost the only friends I ever had in this short life I led.
However, neither of us in this vessel will go quietly. The Slender Man and his ilk are coming for us both tonight. We go to make our last stand. Fairwell to all."

There you have it. I don't exactly condone revenge, but when you have been left with nothing but your misery and the madness of two minds in one vessel, I can understand.

Clarice was a brave woman who sought to help those around her, and did so to the best of her abilities right to the very end. She offered shelter and moral support to any in need.

Both Pete and Jack were heroic men. Jack spearheaded an campaign against the tall menace that got quite far before the inevitable failure. Pete, His Other, was also a hero. Experimenting and learning about his enemy, plunging into dark netherworlds with allies to rescue a friend, and never gave up the fight no matter how hard things got, but eventually succumbed to the immense power of his Creator and Enemy, like many before him.

Blake, a troubled man who served his Black King unwillingly, eventually came to his senses and helped free Ron and gave wisdom to others while leading The Lone Hunter on a long chase to keep his other victims safe. He faced down his mortal tormenter and dealt him a fatal blow at the cost of his own life.

Bruce "The Lone Hunter" Smith. A sociopathic killer at the beckon call of the Beast. Driven by a thirst for blood and revenge for his brother, Al(x)ne. He hunted Blake across New England and the Midwest before the two finally met and killed one other in that final battle. Good riddance.

To the rest, here's to yet more young people taken long before their time in a war that should not be. Clarice Wood, Jack Ellison, Pete, and Blake Andrew Fletcher, I pray that you all rest in peace and that you all be reunited with your friends, Ron Foster and Clyde Ross, and your family members lost in the next life.

With all parties involved dead, none of the blogs surrounding this tale can go any further. So once again, people, move along. Nothing more to see here.

-Don't Shoot The Messenger-

Thursday, April 21, 2011

We lost him

We just found out this morning. He did... He did leap off that building. We just identified the body. Ron Foster is no more. I can't talk about this now.

This is is the last post that will ever grace this blog. Clarice and I will leave this up for his sake, but we will only be commenting on our own blogs from now on. Rest in peace, Ron. I don't begrudge you this decision. You died on your own terms, and the beast did not reclaim you.

Goodbye, my friend.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

This is it. Make no mistake. My story ends here.

...If this was ever my story at all.

Forgive me earlier irate mood. I was just angry that you two stopped me from saving the people I might potentially hurt. Why did you do it? He's taking over! Can't you see that?! He's in too deep in me for me to lose him by Running or getting up high. No matter what I've tried He remains strong in me. I'm starting to lose control. I...

I almost strangled a Runner I ran into because He wanted to! My hands... They were around his neck... I almost squeezed, but my hesitation gave him ample time to kick me off and run for it. He didn't make it, because slim decided to do His own dirty work after that.

Anyway, I hold no grudge against you or Clarice. You guys are the greatest. You saved me even though you owe me nothing that can't later be taken again by Him. I'm sorry I have to do this now. He's calling to me from the base of this building I'm on the roof of. Well, if He wants me to go down to Him, so be it. I'll go down. In a minute, I'm going to step off of the side of this multistory building and that will be the end of the threat I now pose to anyone unfortunate enough to meet me.

Goodbye, everyone. I cherish you all, which is why I can't stand the thought of harming any of you if that...that thing is allowed to take me over. See you all in the next life. Ado.

You had no right!

Damn you! Damn you both! You had no right! I was about to be free of Him, but you stopped r from giving me the treatment! now i am damned to him


01101001 01110111 01101001 01101100 01101100 01100010 01100101 01110010 01101001 01100100 01101111 01100110 01101000 01101001 01101101

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Don't look for me.

I can't return to you until I've cleared my head of Him. Just stay alive, guys, alright?

Friday, April 15, 2011

Bad News! -Clarice

Pete's gone back out while I decided to search Ron's laptop for some answers. This is an email I found in his mainbox:

Do you want to be free


This email dates back to Feb. 25th of this year, when Ron was still in Boston.
He sent a reply:

Fuck you

Then yesterday he sent another:


Redlight's response:

Then come to the Arched gate


Ron, Redlight can't be trusted. Just look at Robert. He forgot, and yet has been dragged back into the fray. This is not the way, Ron.
As for the Arched gate: St. Lewis?

Thursday, April 14, 2011

We still can't find him. -Pete and Clarice

Ron's been missing since 1:00 PM yesterday. It's almost 2:00 AM now. All we know is his last post about trying out different avenues of ridding his mind of Slender Man.This is very worrying.

Ron, please tell us where you are. You don't have to do this alone. We know you're worried that you'll become a proxy and attack us, but we can handle it. We took care of you before in a proxied state, and we can do it again if need be. We can help fight this thing.

I can't... I just can't shake Him!

Hey, guys, small update. I haven't been able to shake Him. I can't get Him out of my head. No matter where I go, how far I run, or how high I go, I can't get His 'voice' out my mind. He's calling. Always calling! I can dull His presence, but I can't lock Him out. My time under His power was just too much. He's made a home in my head for Himself and I can't boot Him out.

I'm feeling the wood of the gallows underfoot, so to speak. Guys, seriously, if anything happens to me, please take care of Pete and Clarice for me. My check may be cashed soon.

There are a few other options and theories still open. I'm going to try them, but I will risk no hurt to my friends.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Had another dream about Him, but not as potent.

Looks like it didn't do the trick completely, but I've found another means of staying sane for a while. The results of coming from Pete's experiment. Don't worry.

Update on Experiment and Attempted Self-Treatment.

The Experiment: Pete and Clarice looking dead on their feet. Apparently, Slendercreep gave them more trouble, but the point is the symbol only barely worked. They said they'd post the details later.

Self-Treatment: Going on Maduin's theory of Negative and Positive feelings directly effecting how Slender Man can impact a person and Robert apparently driving Him back using the power of rock gave me an idea.
Well, I went to YouTube and listened to music for a while to try to lessen His hold. I picked favorites or songs I otherwise have a strong connection to, and watched some Nostalgia Critic (his Care Bears Movie episode, specifically) and I'm feeling the effects. Positivity can temperarily shove Him out. I've still got the slendersickness, but I can't feel Him or "hear" Him in my head anymore.
I've bought myself some time, so I'm going to put my headphones on and listen to a selection of stuff I've burned off onto CD while I sleep. If Care Bears Countdown doesn't keep a slender-dream away, I don't know what will.

Friday, April 8, 2011

You know, there was this one time

When my friends and I were planning on using the Call of Cthulhu setting to start up our own Slender Man-based campaign. For each sanity point lost, you'd get a negative on your will save to keep Slender Man from taking you over. It all seemed so harmless at the time. We were together. Drew, Jared, Josh, Sam, Stephanie, Elijah, and me. Drew's gone. Jared's missing and Pete runs his blog. Sam's gone. Stephanie's gone. Elijah's gone. Josh is missing, but probably just ran. I'm feel like I'm almost gone.

Listen, guys, I know how this goes. When I am no longer here, I want you to take care of Pete and Clarice.

Oh hai thar, tentacle at the window, didn't see you thar. So how's your sex life? I should seriously just ask someone that out the blue and see how they react sometime.

I won't let Him take me. I won't. I won't goo back to wherever I was in late-December, January, and half of Feb. I won't go back to Boston. I won't go back to The Ruins. I won't. I just won't.


If you've read what I posted on Search and Reveal, you know I'm not well. I've been feeling it. I've been feeling every known sympton of slender-takeover lately. It's getting worse. I need options.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Damn it...

This whole situation with Fizz being forced to do stick's doing and Zero going mental both just piss me off. What's worse is that Zero actually had the nerve to mock the rest of us and call us a joke. He even mocked our plans for not working (yeah, and his worked so well. Sorry, but you only get to have a superior attitude if you did better than any of us).  Look, asshole, I put my faith in you, Zero, and even worked up enough guts to go tangle with Slender Man after the Solstice to verify that your plan worked, and it's gotten me into heaps of trouble since. It was reckless of me, but I trusted you, and hell in Boston and risk of being butchered by you is what I get. Words cannot describe how disappointed I am. I will never trust you again, Zero. Ever.

 Damn it. Why? What's worse is that I'm an unreliable timebomb. It has proven It can taken me over anytime it wishes to try to kill Pete. Right now I'm wondering why I haven't left them. I'm a liability.

No, I know why. I'm scared. I'm afraid of what will happen if I go off by myself than if something happens if I'm with Pete and Clarice.

I'm sick of this. I'm sick of Slendershit. I'm sick of being chased everywhere I go. I'm sick of looking over my shoulder. I wanna go home. If helping Pete to conduct further experiments and research Slender Man can free us all, then I'll do it. I'll do it for Slice, who I befriended, but am robbed of any memory of. I'll do it for Clyde, BL, Core, Liam, Johnny, all of you, and... me.

I want It dead. Dead and gone. Unlike Zero"sage", though, I'm not going to gut Runners and Proxies over it. I might have to kill a proxy in self-defense, but I'll take no more pleasure in killing an unwilling slave who was coerced into service.

Your days of numbered, Slender Man. Someday. Somehow, we will get you back for everything you've done to us. I swear it.

EDIT: As you can tell, I had some steam to blow off, but damn I am angry right now.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Welcome to the Quad Cities

We've where we plan on staying for a while, one of the Quad cities. Setting up shop, so to speak, right now, so I'll catch you all later.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Spooning with Petey

Yo, blogging live from a restaurant somewhere in America, the American way. Oh yeah. We last managed to snag ourselves a two bed hotel room. Clarice got one all to herself while we men had share. Maybe I should have showed him out to work the Pepper Grinder. Bow-chicka-wow-wow!

On a serious note, we're fine, guys. We're still on the road and we're not going to stop until we reach the destination we chose. See you guys around.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Time of Proto-Ichthys Usefulness: 15-16 hours. We're also moving on.

We just got back from picking Pete up from the hospital to find ol' slendy had managed to get past the outer barrier. It is in the backyard as we speak, staring in at me.

The three of us have come to a mutual decision to just get out of dodge today as of the "burning the carpet from where It was standing at the fence outside" incident. We just finished loading up Clarice's car and as soon as I press 'Publish Post', we're hitting the road.

8 1/2 Hours and still going.

Can't sleep. Getting slender sick. Bastard also tried to ignire the condo. He managed to burn an Operator into the carpet.

Proto-Ichthus Symbols are still keeping It out, though.

Friday, April 1, 2011

Experiment #10 Second Try:

I've hung the Proto-Ichthys symbols from E#10 up at the fence surrounding the condo, and the Operator and Ichthus-Operators on the actual abode. It will let It come closer than usual if the new symbols give out before the standard ones do, but I owe Pete this much.

I hung them up at 11:00 PM, Central Time. I've got the cops of speed dial, so just try to come after us tonight, followers of Slender Man.

It seems we have a gamejacker in our midst.

Apparently, some guy just trolled Lone Hunter, Clarice, and now, myself. He's been leaving anagrams and codes much like Clyde did when he first appeared.. I don't know what all the implications of this are, but I don't like this one bit.

In other news, I've been the hospital. Pete's fine. He's a little banged up, but the doctors will let him out tomorrow. In the meantime, I have some thinking to do.

Highway to Hell

Well, bloggers, last night we did indeed find out a few things. Not just about that symbol, but about me. The symbol worked like a charm from what I can tell, but Pete's the one who'll have to tell you about it, because...

I apparently went nuts. We were all set up. Ol' Slendy showed up when I suddenly blacked out. I woke in some cheap hotel across town with blood on Drew's knife, which I have somehow. Pete's been hospitalized. You do the math.

Clarice is with him right now, but I'm going to check up on him now. I've been taking the mixture that fends off proxification double time that was discovered by Robert. I though I was fine, but I'm not. What do I do?

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Heading out now.

Well, it's time to get the festivities started. See you all at the other end of the rabbit's hole tomorrow. Maybe we'll have some tea.


Experiment #10 Set-Up:

Found here. Pete her, bloggers. Ron, Clarice and I are doing this tonight. Wish us luck.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Trust Issues With Ownself

Hey guys,
According to Pete, the day before yesterday, I was basically wavering between human and proxy, and it took just one one-on-one encounter with Slender Man to render me unconscious for over 24 hours and finally sent back to Dec. '10, again. That means stick must have a hole bored into my head that it's able to get into to mess with me. I'm sane again on It's whims.
Does this mean I'm a liability just waiting to be taken over again? Will I be able to maintain control when It inevitably comes back and we have to content with it? Will I attack my new allies? I wish I could be confident with myself, but I can't. I want to help out, but I don't know if I can.

I'm going to have to give this a lot of thought.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Calmed down.

Alright, it occurs to me that I might have jumped the gun earlier. Alright, Pete caught up to and explained that happened in brief to me, and I've had a chance to read the relevant blogs. Oh man, quite a bit happened in just one month's time. It looks like I made a few friends: Pete, Clarice, Slice, Blake, Clyde, Shelby, Sparrow, Mouse, YggdrasilCore, Tensor, Scott, Liam, and more.

To be perfectly honest, the last thing I remember before waking up in Clarice's condo is being chased down by slimjim. I don't remember any of these events in Boston or afterwards. I'm sorry. I feel so bad for not remembering you guys, but I'd like the chance to get to know you all better again, anyways.

Peace out, guys. I'm back...yet again.

Where the hell have I been for three months?

And where's Jared? should be Dec. 22nd 2010 still. I just went to double check that slim couldn't do his thing anymore after zero's heroic efforts at the Solstice, and now I wake up and it's late March 2011. What the fuck just happened? Where am I?

Alright, there's this girl and this guy sitting at a table in the next room. stick is nowhere in sight right now, but there are all these looking symbols pasted everywhere. I don't know who they are, but I don't think I can afford to trust anyone right now. At the first chance, I'm going to make a run for it. You all on the other side.

Friday, March 25, 2011

head going funny again





68 65 74 68 61 74 69 73 63 61 6c 6c 73 69 6f 62 65 79

Thursday, March 24, 2011

head foggy

hard to think

not familiar with room but clarice is here saved her was i saved


Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Sunday, March 20, 2011





Hey guys, Pete here. I let Ron have the laptop and he found his way to this blog. I'm going to put both his image and others things back as they were. He'll be a fox again!

Saturday, March 19, 2011

The Black Leaf Strikes Again.

We extracted Ron from The Ruins. I turned against my former master. Al(x)ne is dead. Read the details on Pete's blog. Good thing the boy's password wasn't that difficult to figure out.


Friday, March 18, 2011

⊗Al(x)ne from The Big Town⊗

Alone From The Big Town,
Plays with a Little Prey,
Snip, snip, snip, off goes a finger,
Bright red, bright red.

Alone From The Big Town,
Plays with a Little Dog,
Stab, stab, stab, he loses his sight,
White light, white light.

Alone from The Big Town,
Awaits another friend,
Slash, slash, slash, will go straight to Pete's tummy,
Out his sides, red and runny.

786 7383 786 667

Thursday, March 17, 2011

105 116 104 117 114 116 115

105 116 104 117 114 116 115 105 116 104 117 114 116 115 105 116 104 117 114 116 115 105 116 104 117 114 116 115 105 116 104 117 114 116 115 105 116 104 117 114 116 115 105 116 104 117 114 116 115 105 116 104 117 114 116 115



Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Thursday, March 10, 2011

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68 65 20 69 73 20 68 65 72 65 0d 0a 69 20 61 6c 77 61 79 73 20 68 65 72 65 20 68 69 6d 20 68 65 72 65 0d 0a 68 65 6c 70 20 6d 65 0d 0a 74 68 65 20 6d 61 72 6b 20 69 73 20 6e 6f 20 6d 6f 72 65


Little Me, lovely Little Me
Little Ron, He will pluck my innards away
He'll pluck the innards out of my body
They'll pluck the innards out of my body
Out with my hEart - out with my heart
Little Me, Little Me

My heart
My belly
My liver
My kidneys
My pancreas
My lungs


Slendy Slendy quite contrary,
Dead and rotten, while they swing.
Bright red ornaments all 'round,
Hanging from the trees, not froM string.


I loVe Irene God knows I do
Love her till the seas run dry
And if Irene is Found by Him,
I'll want to die

⊗Ring Around The Rosey⊗

Ring Around The RosEy
Pocket Full Of Posey
Ashes, ashes,
We all fall to Him

⊗Sleep, Little Prey⊗

Sleep, Little Prey
So Master cAn catch you
The Hound's on the field
Your Slice went to Gwen

⊗Little Prey in Big Town⊗

Little Prey Goes To The Big Town,
Play's a little game with the big boyS,
Snip, snip, snip, off goes a finger,
Bright red, his pain lingers.

Little Prey Goes To The Big Town,
End's a game for a girl,
Stab, stab, stab, she will loose her Hound,
Bright red, he is Hellbound,

Little Prey Goes To The Big Town,
Can he be found by a friend,
Slice, Slice, Slice, straight to his tummy,
Out his sides, red and yummy

ihavebeenfreed killme




help me

The Dead Leaf Falls

Greetings and Salutations readers,

Allow your humble host, Al(x)ne, to introduce you to the newest member of our loving family. Allow me to introduce the Prey formerly known as Ronald Foster, now Dead Leaf. Say hello, Dead Leaf. Now, I know we said that he's dead, and well... He basically is, on the inside, at least. Ever since the Master finished His work on the boy, he's taken to staring at walls and scribbling in his notebook writing letters to his loved ones as of late. Letters he'll never send. He's also been doing a fair amount of crying as of late.

We could put a mask on him and sent him out there anytime. We could specifically send him out to where the Downsman currently is. What would you do, Liam? Would you kill Ronald in cold blood? Then would you blog "fucked up a proxy" as an afterthought while discussing other, more "important" matters? Oh, how you've obviously chosen the path of righteousness over us depraved servers of the Master. Though, I will admit that it is quite satisfying to feel a life fall at my hand. There is always that delight of the blood flowing out as your victim breathes their last. So by all means. Keep killing gleefully, NAPPA. Soon, you'll be so numb to the weight of a human life you may as well all be one of us.

Now I'll just step aside and let Dead Leaf take over from here.

Yet 'Slaved
I Laugh
I Weep
Then Laugh And Weep
Some More
I Bid You All Ado
I Have Found The Master
Quite Caring
The Hunt Ends

-Dead Leaf

Well said, Dead Leaf.

You know, it isn't too late for him. Hmm. Now how should I do this? An offer to erase his memories, or perhaps let you put his fate to a vote. No, no, too redlight. The whole Robert thing has gone stale, anyway.
Aha! How about this? If you think you can, come and get him. In the meanwhile, he's the Master's honored guest and will be left at His...tender mercies, until you return to claim him.

If you're not here to get him by the 20th, he will be officially handed over to the Master permanently. If you abandon Dead Leaf...well, I don't need to tell how Theodore faired when Damien dreamed of darkness. The clock is ticking, children. Tickticktick.

Oh look, Dead Leaf is weaping again. Aw, he rocks himself back and forth, held in a tight embrace of his own arms. Hmm? Oh, you want to play with the blogs some more, Dead Leaf? Oh, certainly. I see no reason not. Have fun until it's time to go, then. We'll be waiting.



Thursday, March 3, 2011

Game Plan:

Alright, a few things to update you guys on before anything else.
The Enemy knows where we are. I saw Black Leaf in the parking lot when I looked out the window earlier. No time to delay.
Well, he has one more of those "counter the Mark" capsules left and he's giving it to me so that I can enter The Ruins disguised as a proxy. This means I'll have six-twelve hours of cover while in there (though Clyde says that I won't need more than an hour ot two, tops, in there to find her and the Brand and get out). He's even given me a map of The Ruins, but it looks like a confusing mess of a labyrinth made up of squares and rectangles. He has locations of landmarks marked so I hope I can find my way.

The problem with me entering is I can only come in on the human side. Clarice and the Brand are held at the opposite end near the Gateway which leads to Slender Man's realm. So I need to infiltrate two buildings, get Clarice from one and the Brand from the other, and then somehow make it back alive. Clyde will be waiting with a taxi just on other side of the human Gateway.
My watch says it is now 3:00 PM on March 3rd, 2011. This entry is set to go out at at 9:15 PM.

If you're reading this entry, I've failed. Clyde, and probably Al(x)ne, will give you details tomorrow. I was caught and probably killed while right at the Gates of Hell, as it were. Do not come to try to rescue me. You just concentrate on killing Him.
At least we can look on the bright side of things, at least this time I can give you all a proper goodbye.

It's been great. I feel privileged and honored to have been in your company through these blogs. I wish I could have come to meet you all at the other end of this rabbit hole. You all each have faces and voices I see and hear when I read your words. It is time for me go now. Before I press 'send' and head out, I leave a few parting words:

The lord is my shepherd;
I shall not want.
He maketh me to lie down in green pastures;
he leadeth me beside the still waters.
He restoreth my soul;
He leadeth me in the paths of righteousness for his name's sake.
Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death,
I will fear no evil, for thou art with me,
thy rod and thy saff they comfort me.
Thou preparedst a table for me in the presence of mine enemies;
thou anointest my head with oil;
my cup runneth over.
Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life;
and I will dwell in the house of the lord forever.


Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Possible hints of serendipity

Alright, Clyde, he prefers Clyde now that his real name is out in the open, has been taken to an exam room by a doctor and some nurses. I'm breathing a few sighs of relief right now. I'm the waiting room. We made it. We actually made it. I'm only being allowed to blog here right here because I told them Clyde had some concerned parties online that I was going to inform. Well, that's technically not a lie. ;)

Alright, to cut to the chase: I didn't rush in bashing in proxy heads with a bat and then swooped in to save Clyde and carried him off in my arms away from the villains. No, I just called the cops and reported some gang activity at the slums where he was hidden. They showed up, saw Black Leaf and his gang, and well.... When you're wearing all black and matching wearing masks and get spotted by some cops who arrived investigating gang activity, it ain't goodin' for your case. Unfortunately, no, Black Leaf didn't do anything stupid and get gunned down. He instead took off his mask (I now know what you look under there, BL. You were one of the employees at the hotel I was staying in before!) and started talking down the cops.
I didn't hear what was being said. I just took that as my cue to sneak though another entrance and look for Clyde.

After about a half-hour of looking for him, I found him hiding under a basement staircase. His leg was messed almost like he was mauled by something. After some makeswift bandaging, I put his arm around my shoulders and supported him all the way out.
Just as we were exiting, we saw Him and the gang coming up on us, so we bumrushed the door and into a crowd. Then we sat down a bit later on a bench and rested for a moment while I typed in the previous entry. The sprint to the door with his bad leg as it is took it out of him, unfortunately. So I ended up having to hail a cab, which took us to the hospital.

And that's pretty much the whole story.

On the topic of my deadline. So... One week. I could work with that if the deadline on Clarice's head weren't another matter altogether. It goes without saying that if we were to sneak in and only grab either her or the Brand then the other will be moved and never found in time. Either she or I would have to be sacrificed.
So when we do this, it's all going to be in one go, and by tomorrow night. Clyde is too hurt to go back into The Ruins. Gee I wonder why they set this up for tomorrow. They know I'll have to go in alone. Slice is out of the picture, and everyone else has just moved on. Looks like this whole thing falls on me. So if I fail, Clarice gets Indoctrinated, and a wounded Clyde will be alone in the city. It all falls neatly into place for them.
I need a plan.

You might call me unwise for announcing my intentions live, but enemy's done a pretty damn good job of setting the board and the pieces here. For now, I think I'm going to operate under radio silence, so to speak. I'll stay in touch at least until tomorrow, guys.


I found him

I've got Clyde/Cerberus, guys. He's banged up and I'm taking him to the hospital. Over and out.

Northeast, got it.

I know where Cerberus it. I'm on my way.

Passing Knowledge:

I'm making this blog entry under the assumption that I might have a reader who is altogether new to the Slendering game. Slice brought this possibility to my attention with the comment "you're one of the first blogs I read". With that in mind, perhaps I should post some solid info on our skinny friend.

Who is the Slender Man?

First off, make sure to use His name. Some prefer to dance around using with nicknames. Don't. Fearing to use it just gives It more power.

So who is stick again? An ancient entity that's been stalking humankind ever since we first came into being and we've never won a battle or war against it, and possibly one of the fair folk. Subject stands about 7-12 feet tall, dresses for success, though its tie may sometimes be black or other times red depending on who is seeing It. Most important of all: It has no face and combat horrible rape tentacles.

It has taken on many identities throughout the ages, but I'll be damned if I'm going to list them all here. it is mostly from Germany, though. its true identity is that it is an interdimensional being from a Netherworld filled with swamps ad black leaves. No one knows why or how he comes here to torment us or why.
I have to theories on that:
1. Humans are nutrition for It.
2. It just likes screwing with us.

 The point is, Slender Man's old and very experienced, and knows exactly what It is doing. This is a game It has played many times before, It knows the ropes of humakind vs. slendy better than you ever will. So just try to hang on and not die. And cooperate with other people who are fighting it. Single opponents are more easily defeated, whereas groups have safety in numbers no matter what M or Jekyll will tell you. If you can't team physically, then at least try to coordinate efforts. You can hang separately, or you can have contacts and possibly be saved from the gallows. Your choice entirely.

How powerful and prevalent Slender Man is in our world depends entirely on who knows about it. If you learn about it, you've been Infected. Period. That's basically the Tulpa Effect, AKA "Your Mind Makes It Real".
It was largely willed it into the mainstream originally by the users of Something Aweful posting pictures of it doing creepy things like stalking children or just standing there. Yeah, fuck you, Something Awful.
Then a vlog series called Marble Hornets rolled with the concept and things avalanched from there. Hornets became popular, which begat Everyman hybrid, Tribe Twelve, and such. Now a combination of legit slenderstalked vloggers and bloggers are recording their real struggles against it and people aping Marble Hornets further spread awareness of the thing through the internet and that leads to our current predicament of being royally fucked. It guarantees that even if we do find something that beats it, someone else will just will it back in existance and the whole thig starts over again with different people (hopefully).

I believe Slender Man existed before Something Awful. Hell, H(a)unting, Seeking Truth, The Mystic, and Peering in from the Outside outright confirm it.


1. Shapeshifting. At base, it can look like an unhealthily thin, seven foot lawyer, sans face. But it can grow to be twelve feet and can alter its "arms" into tentacles.
2. Teleportation. iThis is actually how It moves when not watched. Keep your eyes open.
3. Mind speech. No one knows if It can read minds, but It can be heard in our heads, though. Usually "come out" and "come out to me". My advice: don't.
4. Mind Control: as you are more exposed to It. It will dig Its way into your head an take over. This is the Hallowing effect. Run while you still have a mind to protect.
5. Complete Memory Wipes: yes, it can erase all your memories. The blogging community has two. Frap and Pete.
6. Strength: This Thing can hang people from trees after (or before) gutting them and removing, then replacing their organs. A certain amount of power is required for that unless it's It's minions who do this for It.
7. Making you disappear permanently.

Intelligence: It is difficult to gadge how intelligent Slender Man is, so it's just easier to prescribe to the mentality of this thing as operating of a different wavelength than we do. Some think it's dumb. Others think it's a criminal mastermind and chessmaster. My opinion? This Thing knows exactly what It's doing. What's It doing? I have no idea, but I'm sure It knows. I tend to interpret Slender Man as a bully picking on beings (us) weaker than itself.

Signs Slender Man is in your area: Ranpent house fires and mass disappearing children. This thing really likes children for some reason. It's kind of like Stephen King's IT. Only instead of Tim Curry prancing around in clown make-up asking us if we float or if we have Prince Albert in a can (don't ask) while chewing the scenery, we get a completely silent and subtle monstrousity peering in our windows.

Not all hope is quite gone, though. There are methods which make it possible to survive while being haunted by it. Warning: a lot of this is not going to make sense, but keep in mind that the thing we're combatting works on a different wavelength than we do. For one thing, masks and the Third Floor of tall buildings confuse it.

M's Three Rules, for one.
1. Get up high and stay up high. Slender Man can look in your windows at you anywhere from the first to the second floor. However, it has trouble perceiving humans as humans when they've gone three stories up or higher. It's because humans at a higher elevation make no sense to it. This won't completely save you. This is just a temperary fix.
2. Keep moving. Do not stay in one place too long. Think of Slender Man like a tree. In a new place, Its basically a seedling who hasn't taken root and can't penetrate the area very well, but It will if given enough time. This timeframe can be anywhere from two weeks to a month.
3. Keep your eyes open. For whatever reason, human keeping their eyes on It traps It at the speed of man. If Slender Man is left unwatched, it can move faster than Han Solo's Millennium Falcon. So keep an eye on it and run when you get the opportunity.

Symbols: The operator sign. Basically, this: (X) A circle with an 'x' through it. Slender Man perceives these as a face, so even if you aren't looking at It, this will fool It into thinking It's being watched and It will move as such. Decorate yourself with these by any means necessary. Any.
The (X) sign will also hold it from entering your house for about a day if you have it posted on the doors and windows. So make sure to put up fresh ones after the old ones wear off.

Repellents: Electricity. Any kind of electrical weapon will do in fending it off. A taser or cattle trod will work.

General Advice:
1. Keep your conscious mind busy. That makes it harder for It to get into your head. Crossword puzzles do wonders for me.
2. Run in cities. Cities are not Its demain. They confuse It. It can send Its pawns after you, but better pawns than Slim himself.
3. Stay out of woods and forests: The wooded areas of the world are His domain. Avoid at all costs.
4. Wear masks. Masks confuse it, as they appear as "outer identity" covering your "inner identity", but it won't last. Change out masks frequently.

1. Decoys: a dummy or mannequin dressed in Opeator Sign covered clothes wearing a mask. Fresh ones with new clothes and a new mask will trick It for about five hours.
2. It also doesn't like fish and will tear them to shreds. Possibly whoever wields them as well. Don't get caught with fish if confronted by this thing.

Commons Types of People Haunted:
1. Runners: People who are content to simply outsmart and avoid stick.
2. Fighters: People who are actively trying to kill it. They can be either stationary or Running.
3. Obversers/Keepers: Information Gatherers concerning this Thing.
4. Conduits: Humans with the power to teleport. They also possess another ability. One that can hurt Him.

Effects of haunting:
1. Sickness. Not a normal cold, but human bodies don't react well to it and it makes us sick. So coughing, and other nasty side effects will crop up.
2. Lost Time. If you've suddenly looked around and realized you've lost four hours of your life while being haunted by It and you're feeling sore, tired, and sick, then that means It has Moved you. It took control of your mind and body and carted you off. Where? To It's love pad where It cranked up the Barry White. No, actually, It was probably doing far worse things than that to you. Such as...taking you away for two months and marking you body with...something, that keeps you trapped in one city, perhaps?
3. The Hallowing Effect: This is the process of which Lost Time is a side effect. Long story short, It's digging a hole in your mind where It's going to settle in and take over. Once this happens...

Slender Man's servants and slaves:
1. Proxies. This is a former person who has been taken over completely. They are hollow shells of their former selves and live only to serve it. Many of them are former Runners and Warriors. The point is, they weren't taken willingly. They often act like puppets with no initiative of their own, but a few are intelligent enough to blog. But largely, they're a part of a larger hive mind under "It". A few have been cured, but that requires capture and a long period of being deprived of exposure to It.
2. Agents: These people are just assholes who went to Slender Man and joined it willingly. They retain all of their intelligence and often lead groups of proxies against Runners and Warriors. Some of them even have their own blogs.
3. Revenats: seven foot monstrousities with horns. Avoid at all costs. They're far more powerful than humans and have killed people called Conduits who have superpowers. If you absolutely cannot avoid a fight with one: they have super senses. A touch is like pins and needles. Use that to your advantage. Oh, and ice water is instantly deadly to them.

Warding off the effects of Hallowing:
Marble, table salt, green food coloring, and cold water. Believe it or not, this concoction works. It will hold off the effects of Hallowing temperarily, but you need to get Running if it comes to this.

Other Items:
The Mark: This is something I've been branded with. It allowed Slender Man to overcome two of M's rules "keep up high" and "keep moving" for me specifically. This doesn't apply to you. If it does, I'm sure an annoying twat of an agent will start a blog telling you all about it.
Anyway, It has trapped me in one location and making me perceivable and attainable from wherever I am. Keeping your eye on It still works, though. If you've been Marrked, seek out my blog entry, "Reassessment".

All of this has been backed and discovered by those better at this than myself:

This is a good list of slenderblogs and vlogs. The site TVTropes may think this is fictional, but they still catalogue the information about stick and our struggles with competence: You will find just about everything you need to know here.

Other Places of Interest:

What You Are In The Dark

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Seeking Truth

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Encyclopedia Slenderia

Dr. Cairo's Blog: This guy also has a YouTube channel linked from the blog. Watch it.

Anomalous Data

A Hint of Serendipity


The Silent Observer

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The Scarecrow Experiment

Peering In From Outside

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Paranormal Log

Dreams in Darkness: While perhaps not as important of "The Tutorial" or "Si vis pacem, para bellum", this one does offer some insight on the fact that Slender Man has a cult that worships. Recent events concerning a lead Zeke Strahm is following, as well as my own experience in seeing the show live at the The Ruins, confirm the canonical nature of this blog.


Well, this has been a part of an attempt to network information on Slender Man with Jakob Gibson of "The Silent Observer" and "The Silent Cartagrapher".

To veterans,

Blog entries similar to this one where you're just informing about Slender Man is something I would like you all to do if you have not already. Remember, YOUR blog could be some newly Infected's first. You don't have to go out of your way and divert attention from present tasks. Just set an entry aside to compile a list of slenderblogs you deem inportant or link to a list somebody else made of important blogs and information. If not that, then at least just "Follow" all the major blogs and make it easy for newbies to navigate. Just do something to make sure newbies are informed on how to survive this. Our struggles are for them as much as for ourselves.
Yeah, I know, I've a lot of this before, but I'm serious about this. I'm adding this post to tabs so anyone can find it easily.



Well, if you've seen the latest from The Land of Black Leaves, then you know Cerberus's plan failed and I'm back to square one unless I can find him. He's currently located in a cluster of abandoned buildings...possibly. Problem is, I don't which ones. There was a ton of abandoned structures in Boston and this could jsut be a ploy to get me back down the streets.

I don't know what to do or where to start looking. Damn it... Well, I can't just head down to the streets of Boston without a plan. I've gotta think....

Current Circumstances

Alright, this is the whole story of last night. As you know, Cerberus "bumped" into me and gave me a box with three items in it, and then about an hour later I disappeared off of Al(x)ne's radar.
Well, that's because of the other two items in the box. One was a hotel room key for an Inn far from the one I was given earlier. The other was a capsule with some kind of brown herb in it.
The message I solved had this to say, basically: "This is the spare key to a room in a hotel. Take the pill. It will temperarily weaken the effects of The Mark above its base purpose (keeping yours' truly trapped in Boston). Then go to this Inn an hour after you have swallowed the pill. They won't be able to track you with The Mark for 6-12 hours and the room is on the third floor."

Well, Cerberus, you've bought me a little time and spared me from sleeping on the streets or a roof last night.. I don't know what to say other than thank you. Alright, Cerberus, you have one day starting from the minute I press Publish Post to get back here or I'm going to have to take things into my own hands again, even it is results in a Last Stand where I go out in a blaze of glory. Ugh, I hate being demoted to Non Action Guy. Or is it The Chick I've become? While I wait I guess I can catch up on reading tropes. Maybe I'll make a Character Sheet for myself, Slice, Pete, Jakob, Cerberus, Black Leaf, and Al(x)ne.

By the way, Allen: loved your little freakout last night. As much as you love picking on Black Leaf, at least he was genre savvy enough to make for the roof the instant he knew Cerberus had given me something to aid me. So:

P.S.: Scheduled blog entry coming later today at 2:00 PM. I've been working on it for a while now. Most of it will be for newbies, but there's a bit at the bottom for veterans.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Unlucky yet fortunate.

Well, I tried to get new lodgings for the night, but none were available, even in the cheap, ghetto hotel I tried to book. I was exiting said stinking hell hole when the damnedest thing happened. I stepped out and this guy bumped right in to me. He stuffed something into my hand before vanishing into the shadows.
It's a small box that fits in the palm of my hand wrapped in brown paper. On the bottom it says: "Go somewhere public before opening this. -C"

So I did. I'm looking at the contents right now. A note, and two other objects. Shocker of shocks, the note was an anagram, but below it in very clear English was "Do not post the anagram online, don't type out the solved message on your blog, and don't tell what the other two objects are until tomorrow". So I solved it myself, figuring that "C"erberus probably just doesn't want Al(x)ne or Black Leal solving it before I did and then countering me.

Long story short, it looks like that "Hellhound" has saved my ass for a night or two. I'll post what the other contents of the bag were and give you guys the Layman's Terms of the solved message tomorrow.

On a final note:
DAMN IT! I had a close encounter with him after trying to get him to meet up with me and it didn't dawn on me until he was long out of sight! Why, God, why?!

In other news, from what I've heard of about Al(x)ne, who has taken over supervising Boston and the "hunt", it sounds he's really bad news far worse than Black Leaf ever was. Oh, perfect.

Well, wish me luck.

New Lodgings

I have a few potential choices which I'm checking out right now. Anywhere but going back there.

Outside of that, I'm not sure what I'm going to do anymore. It feels like I'm running in circles while fighting an uphill battle while the hill's been iced over and I'm sliding backwards. I started alone and had to go through hell and out the other side before I could meet up with an ally, Slice. Then we made some progress while searching the historic sites and fire-bombed some slenderhouses. Now he's gone and out of the loop and I'm back to square one.

Cerberus is back and has promised to free me from this chase. This leaves me in a difficult position. He's revealed that I can't get to where I need to go to remove the Mark unless I'm let in by Slender Man or given the ability to go there at will be the Same. He's also insisting on acting alone, which means that his last entry today may be his last. We here at Boston are either on the edge of something really good or something bad, and it all stands on the edge of a knife. Which way will it stray, though. And am I willing to just sit around waiting to be saved like a good damsel in distress. Heh. Yeah, I guess I have fit that role as of late. Ron the Male Damsel.
Well, hopefully I can upgrade from that to Ron the Runner, then later Ron the M Finder. I'm tired of reading all these other posts about other people taking great measures in fighting It while I have to sit on the sidelines in a cage made of.... er, slendy matter?

Cerberus, I'm not sitting this one out. Meet me. We'll plan something. Just get in contact, okay?

Went Back, No Cops

I just got back from the Inn and found the place completely CSI-free. Sam's body was removed and the blood was cleaned up. Nevertheless, I packed up the rest of my stuff, then turned in my room key when I checked out, and I'm finding other lodgings elsewhere in the city.

EDIT: I'm still pretty shaken up about Sam. Now I know how Drew must have felt when he put Stephanie out of her misery. It's like a part of me died. Sam, I'm so, so sorry.

Monday, February 28, 2011

not safe

it's not safe here anywhere or was it ever?

I returned home tocheck to see if Slice is back yte but before i could someone entered my hotel room and attacked me

I killed him hes dead on the floor

oh God

It's Sam. Our friend who Drew spoke of when this blog first began. the one who first infected and broken its him its him its him! i Removed the mask from the dead proxy and it was him! I killed with drew's knife!

I'm packing up and getting out of here. why did this happen oh Sam i'm sorry

And What Happened After

If you're reading this, it means I'm still out looking for Slice and haven't returned yet, or I may never. I don't know anymore.

As you know, I've been looking for him nonstop of over these last few days. Well, this is what happened on the 27th, I began my search at the last known location of him at the grove of trees. Only the joke was on me, I couldn't see it anymore. Mean it was a machination of It to lure us in. After I couldn't find him anywhere I searched some of the Slice's target proxy-buildings for clues. Nothing. That is, nothing, until I was allowed, or invited.

The happenings all started when I explored one last abandoned building and came up empty again. I stepped out the entrance I came in and expected to come out alley I was previous in, instead:

I stepped out of a daylight lit abandoned building and into a dark ruined street. I wasn't feeling sick or cold, so I knew Slender Man couldn't be around, but His influence was obvious. Written on the wall across from me read: "Come out and play. If you do not come to The Hunt, The Hunt will come to you."

Then I heard it, the chanting. The same chant that sent me through time and space that day which was when I technically first met Slice. I could already feel the metaphysical needles boring into my mind, trying to take me over. I didn't know what to do, so in desparation, I grabbed Drew's knife and stuck myself in my hand. Oh God, the pain.... The pain jolted me out of whatever slender-trance I was entering. I bandaged my hand up and followed the chanting to it's source. I knew not if I would retain control, but at least now I had a means of fending it off, however self-mutilating.

I couldn't make the chanting. I looked around at my surroundings. Two words immediately come to mind in describing it: Silent Hill. I was inside some kind of abandoned city, and a black sky was overhead.

My shoe bumped something on the ground. Dolls. Dolls of all kinds, each with a little Masky mask on their face. Just like back in the tunnel. They were about a dozen of them scattered around, along with the occasional tiny shoe or a Navy blue jacket that looked like it would fit a second grader. Creaks, groans, and falling bits of plaster came from all sides as I cautiously inched my way through the burg.
I'm not going to lie, I was scared as hell. I wandered the streets slowly, ever looking over my shoulder for any kind of attacker. I came across a church where the chanting seemed to be coming from. As quietly as I could I entered through a side door. The floorboards inside creaked and groaned under my feet and I followed the chanting not knowing what else to do. Now, it was something. Something different. It looked and abandoned and the floor were covered with something black that cunched. Ash, maybe?

As I waltzed the maze-like halls I finally came upon a light source immenating from a clacked door about ten feet in front of me. The chanting seemed to be coming from the other side as well. When I finally reached the door, I was a bundle of nerves as I peered through the open crack. Maskies, Tragedies, and Comedies wearing black robes filled a sanctuary filling the front half of the pews in the sanctuary. Four figures sat in the back wearing regular clothes, just watching. They weren't wearing masks.
The ones at the front stood with their hands raised in the air as they chanted their hymn (the chanting which previously took control of me). At the front of the sanctum was an alter with a child tied to it. Bl was stood behind the alter, orchestrating the chant.

Remember in Dreams of Darkness when Damien watched that old video tape and the ogy-fest started as stick did God knows what to the poor child? Yeah, that. I also found out why Black Leaf himself wasn't waiting for me outside anywhere outside. He was behind the alter, bowing low on hand and knees, stating in perfect English that he hopes the 'master' likes the favor he collected. Then the star of this show made its appearance. While the masked persons began their festivites in repulsive fashion, He walked up to the alter. Then I blacked out. When I came to, I had stumbled into the room and had the eyes of all on me.The black king stared intently at me from His spot at the alter. The child was gone. In unison, the horde was upon me I could react and dragged me over to the men who had been sitting in the back.

I was forcefully sat down in a chair folding chair facing them. Slender Man standing behind them. Three were men. All three of them were clean-shaven and bald like Slender, who took up position standing right behind the middle of the three. The man in the middle for one reason wore a white suit while the guys on his right and left wore suits exactly like His. The woman sat the farther in the row of pews. She was wearing what looked like everyday clothes which hadn't been changed in a week. She looked scared and her eyes darted in all direction.

The following is a transcript of our conservation:

Me: "What.... What do you want?"
BL: (walking up behind me and punching me in the side of my face.) "Little Prey speaks when spoken to."
Man in White Suit: "Good evening, Ronald. I hope you enjoyed the invite. I just had to bring you over here, as I don't think we've ever had the pleasure of meeting face to face. Online, you know me as Alone, spelled with the Master's sign, of course."
(At this, I paled. I was face to face with an agent that commanded even other agents. As if being the presence of both Slender Man, BL, and a chapel full of post-coitis proxies wasn't disturbing enough.)
Al(x)ne: "Now I believe your question is "What do we want with you." Oh, that's very simple. We want you to call off these extracuricular activities. Like trying to find your friend, or how to remove the Mark, or fire-bombing my property. The fact, is young man, you're just supposed to run while we hunt."
Me: "Forget it."
(Al(x)ne then smiled.)
Al(x)ne: "Do you know who I am, young man?"
(I shook my head. He looked faintly familiar, but then again, both and his other suits were copying Slender's look, so who can tell?)
(With that, Al(x)ne handed me a business card. Hoo boy, for some reason I can't type out the whole name on the card, but his real name is Allen. He's also a wealthy business man and land owner of most of the non-historical properties in Charleston and has property in numerous other places all across Massachutes, which has been shown to, as a whole, to be a State with a lot of slender-activity happening all across it. Well, this explains it. Slender Man enlisted a rich guy to buy property in which to build strongholds over all the damn State. So....Conaghan, jr. then?)
BL: (putting a hand on my shoulder, as he had not moved from his position standing over me) "Understand yet? Our Master has enlisted people with influence from all over the nation. Allen (detacted) being just one of them."
Me: (my eyes glanced to the woman.)
Al(x)ne: (smirking) "Oh, her? Meet Clarice, Ronald.
Al(x)ne: (still grinning, pulled out a pocket watch, and looked at the time. He glanced back at Slender Man who made a few feint gestures with His head.) "I understand, Master." (He looked at me, now full on smiling.) "Fifteen minutes."
(BL and the proxies unhand me.)
Al(x)ne: "Get running."

I obeyed, not knowing what elese I could and run. As I fled, I didn't know what to do. I thought I was going to die. I really did, as I tore through the rooms and halls of the abandoned complex streets of this dark town not knowing how much more time I had before their pursuit began.
Eventually, I could hear the sounds of a search behind me.

I bolted with renewed vigor. I could hear them getting closer, so I knew I needed to find a place to hide. But I didn't know where. Hell, I still don't where I was, but it wasn't Boston.

I finally hid in the back of what looked like some old furniture store. I managed to avoid being found for a few good hours in there.
In fact, I was only happened upon when I decided to try to escape back to Boston when I stepped out of the building. A couple of proxies called out they saw me and I was being chased again. This time with a huge crowd upon my heels. They were catching up, and eventually caught me. They pushed me around in the circle they formed for while before they just let a few fists fly. One caught me in the gut and I collapsed, the wind knocked out of me. Curled up on the ground in pain, and fully expecting to be stomped and trampled, but that didn't happen. I looked up while struggling for a breath and saw that they had backed off. Al(x)e, BL, and the other two suited men stayed up so that they were over me.

Al(x)ne stooped down to close to me and said this: "This is just a taste of what will happen if you go against our Master again. The Hunt will resume on the streets of Boston for now, but next time, there will be no escape from here?"
I finally got a breath and asked: "Where IS here?"
Al(x)ne: (grinning the shit-eating grin again) "The ruins."
Me: "The...ruins?"
(He nodded.)

Then everything went black. I woke up in my hotel room. I know it wasn't a hallucination because I was still (and still am) sore from being roughed up by the proxies.

It's 7:00 AM on my watch as I schedule this. If I don't find some answers while I'm gone, you guys will keep me posted, right? Know what, just expect all these to be on a schedule. Nothing I post ever going out in the real time, anymore.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Slice's Disappearance

Slice still isn't back, and i can't find him anywhere. Alright, this is what happened yesterday:

We met up to try to track down a way to remove my Mark. We discussed where to look over breakfast when Slice suggested The King's Chapel and the Burial Grounds out back.
I didn't have any better plans, so I agreed. After our meal, we set out and went to the Chapel. There's really not much to say about the Chapel. It was clean. Not a hint of underground Slender Man activity anywhere. And we paid special attention to anyone who was around. No one seemed to be suspicious or anything. As far as we can tell, it's just an old chapel where they still worship God.
Eventually, given how much of a precious bit of property the King's Chapel is, we decided to head out to the Burial Grounds out back. While the church itself might have been clean, that's not to say that stick's proxies and agents haven't been using for hold meetings with their "master", Slice figured. Boy, was his hunch right.
We looked around the graves for a while before moving onto a small grove of trees a bit away from. There was a giant Operator sign carved into the ground. Then, then we saw Him standing across the way from us. We decided to make a temperary retreat and come back later. We backed slowly away from Him. And backed, and backed, and backed, but we never seemed to be reaching the grounds or getting away from Him. I dared a glance behind and found that somewhere we wee caught in a loop. We were entering and reentering the same grove of trees over and over.
Then Slender showed us how fast he can move even when being watched when he lunged. It may have been trapped at the speed of man, but damn He forced us to give up backing away and we just had to run for it. His tendrils extended and shot out in many directions. He used them to pursue us in a spider-like fashion with His body dangling between the long tentacles digging into the ground. I can say without doubt that it was the single most frightening sight I have ever witnessed.
We ran and ran but we couldn't escape the grove no where which direction we took. No matter where we ran, there He was, right on our heels as if the dog to the prey.
Eventualy, we tired and had to stop. The last thing I remember before shutting my eyes and then reopening them to discover I was back in the hotel room was Slice pouring lighter fruid on his arm, lighting it, and then charging Slender Man Evan-style.
It was about 4:20 PM when we entered the Burial Grounds and then were chased by Him. It was 5:00 PM when I blogged the entry, so obviously I experienced little to no Lost Time. It was as if He just pushed me out of the way so that He could get His real target: Slice. I've been looking for him for two days now.

I... I can't talk about what I saw today right now. Later, but not right now.

Please, if anyone has heard anything about Slice since then, talk to me. Someone, anyone.... You gotta help me find him.

Saturday, February 26, 2011


i... I jusT got separated from Slice. We were searchin a a site for answers when... Oh God! He appeared. He and his servants. Lost, they were everywhere, and...Him. I....
I blinked, and I was suddenly back in my hotel room. no lost time or anythin He just sent me away now slice is alone against Him I'm going back to the site to find slice. oh God please be alrigth

An illuminating night out.

I'm not sure how to put this. Well, if you read Slice and BL's blogs, you know what we had planned for yesterday. We had one hell of a time fire-bombing all the buildings with Operator signs on them. Debris, ash, and proxies everywhere. We lit up the whole damn town in our wake. At a certain point, I just had to ask, 'What the hell are we doing,' before chucking another round at a proxy-home.
We had a brief run-in with BL, but he was a might unable to do much about us what with us having a set of wheels and well, fire-bombs. It was nice see him be the running for once in the midst of the flames and madness we caused.

We're meeting up again. As per the course, this is yet another scheduled entry. You can already keep track of me using The Mark. You will not, however, be able to track me by when my entries hit the webs. The shoe's on the other foot, and we're coming for you.

M, hang in there. I'm coming when I can.

Friday, February 25, 2011

Someone New:

Meet Tangent:
According to this, he's officially become slenderstalked. Show him some support, okay, guys?

Meeting up with Slice again.

Again, this was a scheduled message, so if you were planning on using this blog to keep tabs on me, BL, you're just screwed. I left hours ago.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

The Madness of Wonderland and Out the Other Side of the Rabbit Hole

I met up with Slice and we ate Breakfast. He posted on his blog from home. I've set mine on a schedule and left it back in the hotel.
A bit later we arrived at Bunker Hill and did a thorough search of the site. Nothing was out of the ordinary, except for maybe a few Haunted.
Around 11:00 AM we expanded the search to the areas surrounding the Hill, starting West and heading counterclockwise.
Eventually we hit paydirt after a lot of patience. Just Northeast of the Hill, he found a delapidated house covered in spray paint operator symbols. Slice and I didn't know what to expect going in, but we were ready for anything. The front door was locked, but it was as rotted as all hell, so it was easy to force open. We explored the ruined interior. For the most part we found nothing on the first floor. Just a some pieces of paper with Slender Man's image drawn on, as well as several inane writings, and operators symbols on a coffe table in the living room. Heavy signs of Haunting.
After finding nothing downstairs, we headed to the second floor. There, we had a bit of trouble. The owner of the house still lives there. At first, we thought he was a proxy, or an agent when he strang out of a closet to attack us. Slice caught his attack and I tackled him to the ground. Amongst his yelling and screaming, "You'll never take me alive! I won't go with the Skiiny Demon! I won't! Please, let me go," it became clear that he was a Haunted, not an Indoctrinated.
After several minutes of trying to calm the man down, we learned that he'd started seeing Him about four months ago after watching an episode of TribeTwelve. He said it didn't start off to bad. In the first two months it was just sightings and getting Moved once. Fairly mild stuff. Then on the third month he received a live invitation to join Slender Man from some of his followers, which he declined. After, he said things took a turn for the worse. By the time Slice and I found him, he was already half mad. When we tried to give him advice he shooed us from the house. Thankfully, he told us where he'd seen some of the recruiting for new agents and proxies going on at Bartlett St.
So we went there, leaving the man to his own devices (hey, he wouldn't let us help him).
As for Bartlett St.... Well, we didn't catch any proxies red-handed, but we did have a close encounter with the Slender Man in an alleyway we inspecting.
Slice pulled out his trusty liquid LSD which he splashed on Slender Man. Then we both made a run for it. We made for a fire exit and scaled it all the way to the roof. Slender Man stuck to the building like a wolf that had some prey up a tree.
Eventually, He backed and we fled for a crowded street. We had just made to the crowd when I looked behind us and there He was, about six feet from us. I don't know if we just barely made it or if he was screwing with us to prove that we're puppets dancing at his strings, but here we are.
Slice and I went our separates ways for the day. I have a very strong feeling that I'd be in the middle of Lost Time with his liquid LSD. Thanks for buying us both a little time and thanks for the help, Slice. Ron out. I'm back to eat that bistro, if you want to come along.
Tomorrow....well, we'll just about tomorrow.

@ All: Stay safe and stay strong, guys. We can win this war. We have to believe that, no matter what. Belief that we will weather the storm just might be the key. We willed His skinny ass here, and we'll send Him back to whatever Hell from whence He came.

Peace out,

Heading Out and Meeting Up...To Head Out.

Hey guys,

I set this to go at 11:30 AM, no matter what the blogs says it is. Slice and I are checking out some Sites. Hopefully they will yield results. See you at the other end of the rabbit hole.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Don't trust, "joe".

Here he offered himself to Slender Man at Black Leaf's blog:

Here, he offers his "help" in finding M. Someone on our side needs to get to Cicago posthaste.

Day One of Investigating Haunted Charleston Sites: Complete.

Starting Time: 8:00 AM
Ending Time 4:00 PM, regardless of what times my blog says I posted.
Target(s): Historic homes

Nil. I was very thorough in reading up on these places, managed to get into a couple, and checked out the grounds of the ones I couldn't. I must have looked at countless places and found nothing suspicious. There's really just not much to say this time.

I had a run-in with a proxy, but Mr. Cranium had a date with Ms. Lead Pipe, so I'm fine, at least.

After that, I'm off to supper. Anytime you want to meet up, Slice. Just tell me when and where. Maybe I'll have some luck if I help you.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Findings on the Items:

Well, I'm sorry that I hyped what I found up so much, but all I found was the usual Indoctrinated madness that you'll usually see on frantically drawn-on papers. Tried as I did to make sense of them, there isn't a whole lot.

The only thing that even looked like it could be something is a crude crayon drawing of something called "the ruins" which looks like a post-apoc town in one of the Mad Max movies. Crumbling and rotting buildings with operator symbols decorated on them. Cluttered, ruined, and crowded streets. One odd thing stands out, though. It looks like there's a door set up at both ends of "the ruins", but they're both out in the open, not in a house, and they're placed in any walls. They're just standing out in the open. I don't get it.

With that, I'm off to my first location. You see all tomorrow.

Plan of Action:

Yo, Readers:

What I've come up with so far is as follows:
I've managed to get a hold of the location of every historic home and site in Charleston off the web. Using that with a Charleston map I've downloaded will make this a lot easier.
No, I'm not going to list them here yet. I will tell tell what I'm going to do or where I'm going to go after the fact (unspoken plan guarantee, if only for Black Leaf's presence at least, the safety of sharing information on these blogs ahead of time has been compromised). AKA, After Action Reports.
Now, I'm not going to up and disappear without explanation (this time). Slice has given me his email address. He will be the only one privy to where I'm going ahead of time. That way we can meet up, when applicable. If I have to head out alone, then at least he can tell all my last known location.

I know a lot of you are skeptics on theories of stick having been here since the beginning, but I'm not. At the moment, I'm moving based on what Thage was supplied us with. For example, her report about Roanoke. This is why I think stick has a base of operations in a very old location around here, and that's really the best I've got. Otherwise, Slice, the guys, and myself have every single facility and household in Charleston to comb through.

Closing note, I think another possible avenue of investigation would be to brush up on old Native American myths and legends. Who knows, you might find a stick or two.

Next blog entry: the items I found

To Do List:

1. Remove the Mark
2. Escape Boston
3. Find M before it's to late
4. Kill redlight

That sound good to everyone? Or am I being a might too ambitious?

Monday, February 21, 2011

Sharing Theories About Boston:

Well, I managed to make it to the Dunkin Donuts AND did it on this plain of existance. I saw Slice for the first time in person while not being controlled by stick. Here, I'm going to share with you what I shared with him.

In Dec. of 2010 both in my entry where I compare slimjim to Sin from Final Fantasy X and before, I suggested that the construct has been in Boston for a long, long time. Well, the bugger has had anywhere from when it was first founded to now to start haunting it. Zero thought the theory impossible, since it was thought that the construct didn't officially exist until Something Aweful made him up at that time. Well, What You Are In The Dark Zeke's blogs Seeking Truth and The Mystic, H(a)unting and Peering in from the Outside have shown us otherwise. While I can see Zero being suspicious of Reach and finding H(a)unting a bit hard to swallow, Zeke and Thage are certainly far more reliable sources.

I'm not saying that it has been here in this town for all that time. I'm just saying it could have arrived at any point. I may look to Thage for some insight on that.
As stated before, there are actually quite a few people who here who can see It, and they seemed to even have a town meeting about it (also in the entry about FFX in the comments section). I was curious and wanted to find out just how entrenched this place is, but N and various other bloggers told me to get out, so I did.
Well, sense it seems I'm stuck here, anyway, I might as well figure out why one of old America's oldest cities is so haunted. Black Leaf is never going to leave me alone. Immediately after I parted ways with Slice, I was chased...again. If nothing else, I'm going to back in shape real quick if this keeps up.
Point is, unless I get answers, I'm never going to rid myself of "The Mark", which holds me here. This is where I have to thank Slice the most profusely. Just about every significant location in this town is olde enough to be 'the hive', so to speak. Thanks to Slice and his blog, I do believe the location of stick's hold over this town has been found: in Charleston. Before, I'd have to just start a tactical grid search of the entire city. Now the playing field has been narrowed to one place.

I'll have the information I've compiled and the contents of the stuff I found posted on here tomorrow.

You know, I once ran into another Runner named Robbie coming here the first time. I wonder whatever happened to him. I hope he's okay, and I hope I never find out otherwise.

On related notes (this is all based around stick, after all), I would like to offer up my emotional support for Ava, her mother, Robert, Reach, and Good Girl right now. It looks like that bastard redlight laid a clever trap and won this round by making off with Ava. Now he's pulling back forces from all over to let us have a turn on the board. The results can be read on White Elephants, The London Librarian, and What You Are In The Dark.
Will and Bianca are near to it all happened, but the former is temperarily out of commission. It's not looking good for Ava or Robert right now. You keep on fighting, Reach. For now, you're all they have and you can't give up.

M is still missing, but Cerberus left some hope. Apparently, M has been ensnared by the enemy in Chicago and needs help. Chicago's my town. I'm coming for him as soon as I'm free, but one thing at a time.

Zeke Strahm is following a clue that just might confirm the events of Dreams of Darkness as true. Go get 'er, tiger.

And lastly, Black Leaf is still a dickhole.

Shiny New List

I should have done this a long time ago. Well, guys, we're a connected network of jigsaw puzzle and (kudzu) plots. I felt like it was my responsibility to start "Following" all of your blogs. Slice once said that I was one of the first blogs he ever read. This tells me that newbies have read my entries before perhaps reading M's.

If you're new and reading this now, go to a blog called "The Tutorial" if you haven't already. The blogger who runs it, M, can help you more than I can. On top of that, just about everybody who blogs about ol' stick comments there at one point or another, so it's a goldmine for slenderblogs.

In closing, Robert was right. We're too disorganized. At the very least, let's all expand our "Followings" lists to at least the major slenderblogs, if you haven't already. This connects us and makes it easier for us to work together even though we're scattered all over creation.
And remember, YOUR blog could be somebody's first. "Following" all the major sources also makes is easier for anyone brand new to explore the blogs and get all the vital information they need to stay alive and sane.

I also think we should hold a scheduled monthly head count. Please give me your thoughts. In the meantime, I'm off to Dunkin Donuts.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

My whereabouts at 10:00-AM-12:00PM/11:58 AM-1:39PM, Feb. 19th.

Slice tells all here:

Well, shit. Not much else I can say. I know for a fact I was in my hotel room at 10:00 AM to 11:58 AM, working on compiling information, watching TV, and reading. In my comment on Slice's post, I explain how.

Yeah, I didn't mention this before, but as a precaution, I have a notebook that I've been filling with confirmed times I'm awake and....well, awake. I have the thing filled in up to 11:30AM, Feb. 19th. I was about to fill in the noon hour when things got weird and events in the link happened. This is too weird. There's always been the theory that stick can send folks through time and space. Hell, Zeke Strahm spoke of it in his post where he organized and posted the data sent to him by his readers. It has never been confirmed, until now.

Well, Black Leaf wasn't kidding. He said "noonish" and I was both abducted from my room far from Charleston around that time while I was across town in Charleston trying to get at him through his cronies.

Thank you for being a real trooper about all this, Slice. If nothing else, this confirms another thing our enemy is capable of.

So, Charleston, eh? The black leaf has dwelling there, then? It's no secret that we were meant to either die there or have our memories wiped of the event, but this is good. The enemy plays his hand and exposes where I have to search. Or does it lay a trap by allowing Slice's memory of the events unaltered? I may be the one being baited here.

@Pete: Good idea. I'll check in with Reach to ask about becoming a Revenant. Having the mark implanted in me could very well be a similar procedure and it's worth checking out.

Alright, first things first. At the moment, I'm operating under the Unspoken Plan Guarantee. There's something I need to do, then I can talk about Charleston with you, Slice. I will return.

EDIT: I have had another encounter with BL during "the hunt". I'll also talk about that another time.

Saturday, February 19, 2011


In light of recent events, the time to put a lot of thought into where lay down whatever piece I can onto the board and then move it into the squares. If you've kept up on Thage's blog, Peering In From The Outside, you can see all the roles everyone on both sides plays. I'm labeled with "Everyone Else", which means "Pawn". Well, I'm someone's pawn, anyway, but it seems like I'm stuck in the same square. I'd love to be a White Pawn, but a cetain thingy that's been implanted in me has to go before I can help anyone.

Noted methods of weathering stick's influence: M's Three Rules:
1. Get up high. Higher than the second story.
2. Keep moving. You can stay in one area for maybe, a month, but then it's time to Amtrak your ass out.
3. Keep your eyes open. It keeps stick moving at the speed of man.
Known methods of fending him off: electricity.
For the common Runner, these have been shown to work. The important thing to do is that, in spite, of slim's influence in your life is to make sure that you have a life and enjoy it, nevertheless.

Methods can will work for someone who has been "Marked":
1. Get up high: Nullified. If anyone else out there has been "marked", then slim can take you over no matter what elevation you're at and he doesn't even have to be there.
2. Keep Moving: You'll be trapped on whatever "hunting grounds" have been designated until you can remove it..
3. Keep your eyes open: That still works.
Electricity: I haven't tried to protect myself using electricity and don't know about going about that. I intend to, though.

The "Mark" and it's abilities":
1. It keeps me from escaping Boston, Mass.
2. It can drag you from wherever you are and put you where it pleases.
3. It can shift you onto a different plain, or onto a different part of a plain to render you incapable of perceiving other denizens and they you.
4. It enables stick to take you over and remove memories even from afar and when you're as high up as the fourth floor. Or was that the chanting the I heard that did that?
Known Weaknesses and Repellants: None.
Known Controller of the Mark: stick and/or Black Leaf/whatever puppet stick's ordered to torment you.
Solution: I don't even have a hypothesis yet.

Plan of Actiion: Get rid of "the mark". It's becoming abundantly clear that it's the only way I'm ever getting out of Boston without the construct's consent. I'm through dancing to your tune, stick. Then, after that, I might be able to find out why Jared dropped off the map.

Closing Notes:
To Slice: I, I need to ask a few questions of you. Please, tell me everything that happened when we met up. Where we met. How we met. How I behaved. When exactly my behavior changed from "new companion" to "psycho trying to kill you." I need to know everything. Please.

To Ava and Reach: Good luck out there, you know. I wish you both the best in rescuing Robert. Even if he never plays the important role he once did, it's only right that he be saved.

To Liam and Yggdrasil: If you've read this far, you know I didn't hurt Slice that badly. Were either of you attacked by a guy wearing blue jeans, a red Cardinals shirt, and a black and brown leather jacket? If so, that was me, and I'm truly, very sorry.

To M: Please be safe wherever you are.

To Scott: Keep on cataloguing! ...That just doesn't quite have the same ring as "Keep on Truckin'".

To Pete: You stay safe, too.

To Thage: Thanks for the knowledge.

To Will and Bianca: Stay safe, you two.

To Black Leaf: Fuck you.

To (X): Fuck you, too.

What did I do?

What did I do? I don't get this. Why is there fresh blood on Drew's knife? Did I kill someone? Did I get into a fight? What happened? Freaking out here. Alright, this is what happened.

I tried to stay in my hotel room to avoid Black Leaf his "noonish" appointment, and work out some details to post on my blog. I ordered room service, and decided to just stick it out in here today where I would see any attack coming. I also needed to rest after two whole days of fleeing for my life from with either the 'master' or the hound.

So I sat back and relaxed as a watched TV and ate my meal. I had the window closed, the lights turned, and I don't even remember or care what I was watching. I sat back and relaxed as I worked on entries to post here. Mostly I'm just working on compiling what's happened to me, Pete, Cerberus, and Black Leaf, because it's becoming more and more apparent that our paths are intertwined. I'm just trying to make sense of it. I've also been working on Cerberus's anagrams. If anyone else has had any look, send me your findings.

At 11:58: AM, I received a phonecall. I answered and on the other end was some kind of chanting. I don't know what was being said, but it made the lights in my room flicker and the TV and laptop and go nuts. Then I felt this penetrating presence in my mind and soon I blacked out after going into a coughing and retching fit.

When I awakened, it was 1:39 PM, I was right where I was before on the bed, and there was blood on Drew's knife.

I've been watching the news and reading headlines concerning Boston online for hours now looking for an incident with a victim being cut up with a knife. Did I kill someone in those 1 hour and 41 minutes?

On a related note, Pete still hasn't updated his blog. This is becoming worrying. I didn't kill someone who was previously all the way in Pioneer Valley, did I? Hey, Slice, Liam, YG. Are you guys alright? I didn't hurt any of you, did I?

Friday, February 18, 2011

The Good Things About Libraries...

...Is that if you have any appreciation for reading at all, there's always something to do while you're waiting for someone.

Alright, as I've expressed, I've been here going on two hours now in this empty library waiting for Slice to show up. I somehow doubt a public library like this in one of America's oldest towns can truly by completely vacant with the exception of one customer (me), so I'm going to take a wild guess and assume that this was a manipulation of some sort by the construct and his dog. The bastard is staring in the window opposite of me right now. Just, staring, staring, staring, staring, and more staring. "Come out. Come out to me", it tells me in my mind. I stare back because I don't want it to appear somewhere else, like right behind me. This is the true reason I haven't budged from the library yet. I'm in a staring contest with ol' slim.

You suck, you know that, slim? I wish it'd just come out and tell us why it does this, but I know not to expect an answer. It'd be less frightening to receive one. That's it's game, of course. I've always interpreted slimjim as schoolyard bully taken to Cthulhu levels. Excuse me while I ramble for a bit to keep my sanity while I stare it down, but I honestly believe that this chase is it sends us all on is the thrill of the hunt. Hell, Black Leaf even calls the construct a hunter! Fuck, it's even "tagged" me with a transmitter, so to speak, and set me loose in an expansive pen for game with it's faithful hound sniffing me out. Now it's got two people, Frap from Friends and Pete (my name for Prey the 2nd) from Search and Reveal running around with wiped memories and having been set loose at random locations, probably far from their homes, for a fox hunt of sorts.

The construct is constantly hunting, hurting, and tormenting beings that are helpless to stop it, i.e. us. Oh yeah, unless we all happen to have a fully functional electro-magnet, that is.

I hate you, construct. You killed all of my friends last year, then you drove those three of us who remained, Jared, Drew, and myself, from our homes. Then you Hallowed Drew, Jared's disappeared, and you took me to God knows where and did God knows what to me. Now I'm here stuck dancing to your tune with your dog barking at my heels.

You know what, fuck you! I will never surrender to you, construct. I will never break. This last straw has fueled my resolve. You want a fight? You want a chase? You want a hunt? Come and get me! I'm the fucking gingerbread man! I can shatter your chain and I can scale your fence!Then I'm gonna Run, Run, Run away, and then find something that kills you! We willed you here. We can will you back!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Well, that didn't exactly go as planned, part deux and More.

Hi, guys, it's me. I'm posting from a library. As my dear "friend" was kind enough to inform you all of, I managed to reach the Amtrak station when I suddenly felt something taking over my mind. It was like a thousand needles digging into my brain, and I stumbled trying to center my mind, so to speak. Then I bumped a heavily tattooed and pierced "gentlemen" and he shoved me away roughly. I don't if his intent was to send me down a flight of concrete steps, but he did. I passed out from the pain of my shoulder dislocating and woke up here.

According to the doctor, my shoulder has been put back in it's place (it still hurts like a bitch, but it's fading) and I suffered a nasty bump on the head. They gave me another once over and then released me.

One thing that sent chills down my back was that "someone" sent me flowers and a card. The card read on the inside, "Get well soon, Little Prey." Funny.

Oh yeah, about Black Leaf. I should probably gives details how I came to know what he looks like. Well, I was actually about to go to the Amtrak station. I stepped through the door of my room at the Inn but ended in a alley populated only by the homeless and abandoned buildings. I got jumped by a proxy in a Tragedy Mask. Unfortunately, I was in no position to fight him given how out of shape I must have become in the two months I was gone, and was tired and sore from being Moved earlier. He dominated most of the struggle, but I took an opening when he momentarily lost his balance when he slipped on a plastic bag. So I knocked him over, and jumped on him fists first and starting pounding him until he quit moving.

My heart was racing, my muscles were sore, and I was breathing hard. Then I heard a deep and raspy voice call to me:

"Having fun, Little Prey?"

I looked over to see a man in all black. Knee high boots, jeans, a heavy coat with the hood pulled up, and on his face was a white Comedy Mask. His hands were shoved into the pockets of the coat. He was tall. Not Revenant tall, but still very menacing in stature.He was flanked by four proxies, two on either side. They were dressed identically to him, but wore white Tragedy Masks instead.

"Get him," and the four proxies charged. I ran and ran though the alleys but they were on my ass the whole time, so I tried to lose them inside one of the distressed properties. I entered a particularly big one and created a messy pile for them to overcome in my wake and ran through labyrinthine halls and corridors. I eventually found an exit, and by then, it felt like my lungs wanted to explode and my muscles were numb. Of course, who should be there just on the other side of the door, but Dark Leaf, himself. I crashed right into him and was about to crumple to the ground into a pile.

He steadied me and held me by the collar of my shirt. I was pulled so close face to face with him that I could feel his breath on my face. He didn't say anything. he just held me there for a long time before finally pushing me back against a wall very roughly. I tried to throw a punch at him, but he caught it and let me have one in the gut. I was winded, but I forced myself to feet and tried to charge him to knock him over. I connected, but he caught me and used my momentum to throw me away. He then pulled me to my feet and said something I couldn't quite understand, the shoved me away. I was now on Main Street suddenly.

Regardless of my newfound safety in the crowd, I caught sight of him stalking me no matter where I went right up to and including my incident at the station. Then Black Leaf was "nice" enough to send me flowers and that blasted card and use my computer to inform you all of my situation.

Well, I guess that confirms Black Leaf's status under stick. He's an agent who commands proxies. Oh yeah, there's that number 4 again. Before, I was always hounded by groups of four proxies led by an agent. It appears slim has decided not to change that policy...except for that one guy. So if you see Black Leaf, give him my regards if I haven't already done that, myself.

And what the hell? I'm away for just a day this time already there's another guy labeled "Prey the 2rd" waking up with no memories, but this time being chased by slimjim, himself. I'm too tired for this shit! So redlight's prepping amnesiac "foxes" for slim to chase these days? It was bad enough when Robert was his main target. Now he's scewing with everyone, huh? And redlight's a freaking Revenant?! And possibly Jay from Anomalous Data?! Speaking of which, I better get back to "What You Are In The Dark" to see if Reach was able to answer m question.

Oh yeah, get this, my bill to the Inn has been paid, but not by me, and I received a phonecall from the local Wal-Mart, saying that they'd like to set up a job interview with me and that I had apparently sent them an application. I think it goes without saying that I'm intended to take up residence here for an extended amount of time.

To answer Scott's answer: no, I haven't seen a guy in a red hoody at any point since I've woken up (the first time), and given that dealing with me seems to have fallen to Black Leaf's hands, I doubt I will.
To Slice: Alright, I would love to try to meet up, but it isn't looking too good. I was grabbed right out of my room on the fourth floor and sent across town, for crying out loud. I get the impression that if it doesn't want me to meet you, I won't. I'll try to meet you on neutral ground (if any exists). I won't have you come to the Inn, though, since that's territory set up for my lodging by the construct. I imagine it won't either of us any good to have you there.
Quincy Market, perhaps?

To Liam and IggdrasilCore: kill Black Leaf, please.

To Black Leaf: shut up. I don't want to hear it.