Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Don't trust, "joe".

Here he offered himself to Slender Man at Black Leaf's blog:

Here, he offers his "help" in finding M. Someone on our side needs to get to Cicago posthaste.


  1. Alas, It seems as if information sharing is compromised for us who serve the Master as well on these blogs. It matters not. You can do nothing but type at a computer. I can be sent anywhere by the Master at any time. Of course, similar conditions might be available to you if you just say, "Yes".

  2. Gag me with a spoon while shoveling down the unbelievable bullshit. First we have redlight offering people "a way out", which has since shown not to work. Now we have this clown constantly offering people jobs. I somehow doubt that Slender Man is going to give anyone he's tagged and released for the most unfair game of tag I've ever seen in my life a position.