Friday, April 1, 2011

Highway to Hell

Well, bloggers, last night we did indeed find out a few things. Not just about that symbol, but about me. The symbol worked like a charm from what I can tell, but Pete's the one who'll have to tell you about it, because...

I apparently went nuts. We were all set up. Ol' Slendy showed up when I suddenly blacked out. I woke in some cheap hotel across town with blood on Drew's knife, which I have somehow. Pete's been hospitalized. You do the math.

Clarice is with him right now, but I'm going to check up on him now. I've been taking the mixture that fends off proxification double time that was discovered by Robert. I though I was fine, but I'm not. What do I do?


  1. Give it time. His hold will weaken in due time. As long as you keep a distance for a while, it'll all be fine.

  2. No one blames you, Ron. It's alright. You just tried to go against that monster too soon.

  3. Well. You could kill yourself but that is no fun and quite a waste. You could run away from Pete and Clarice to avoid hurting them, but you would not stay gone for long. Or you could kill them yourself with your own mind, which may be the most merciful route.
    He will never let go Ron. You will never be free. At any moment you could blackout again and find Pete or Clarice's blood staining your hands and your lips praising your one true God. Have Fun.

  4. Shut up Morningstar. Never give up, Ron. It's not your fault. You can win this.

  5. Ya to wound



    Then listen to me.