Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Passing Knowledge:

I'm making this blog entry under the assumption that I might have a reader who is altogether new to the Slendering game. Slice brought this possibility to my attention with the comment "you're one of the first blogs I read". With that in mind, perhaps I should post some solid info on our skinny friend.

Who is the Slender Man?

First off, make sure to use His name. Some prefer to dance around using with nicknames. Don't. Fearing to use it just gives It more power.

So who is stick again? An ancient entity that's been stalking humankind ever since we first came into being and we've never won a battle or war against it, and possibly one of the fair folk. Subject stands about 7-12 feet tall, dresses for success, though its tie may sometimes be black or other times red depending on who is seeing It. Most important of all: It has no face and combat horrible rape tentacles.

It has taken on many identities throughout the ages, but I'll be damned if I'm going to list them all here. it is mostly from Germany, though. its true identity is that it is an interdimensional being from a Netherworld filled with swamps ad black leaves. No one knows why or how he comes here to torment us or why.
I have to theories on that:
1. Humans are nutrition for It.
2. It just likes screwing with us.

 The point is, Slender Man's old and very experienced, and knows exactly what It is doing. This is a game It has played many times before, It knows the ropes of humakind vs. slendy better than you ever will. So just try to hang on and not die. And cooperate with other people who are fighting it. Single opponents are more easily defeated, whereas groups have safety in numbers no matter what M or Jekyll will tell you. If you can't team physically, then at least try to coordinate efforts. You can hang separately, or you can have contacts and possibly be saved from the gallows. Your choice entirely.

How powerful and prevalent Slender Man is in our world depends entirely on who knows about it. If you learn about it, you've been Infected. Period. That's basically the Tulpa Effect, AKA "Your Mind Makes It Real".
It was largely willed it into the mainstream originally by the users of Something Aweful posting pictures of it doing creepy things like stalking children or just standing there. Yeah, fuck you, Something Awful.
Then a vlog series called Marble Hornets rolled with the concept and things avalanched from there. Hornets became popular, which begat Everyman hybrid, Tribe Twelve, and such. Now a combination of legit slenderstalked vloggers and bloggers are recording their real struggles against it and people aping Marble Hornets further spread awareness of the thing through the internet and that leads to our current predicament of being royally fucked. It guarantees that even if we do find something that beats it, someone else will just will it back in existance and the whole thig starts over again with different people (hopefully).

I believe Slender Man existed before Something Awful. Hell, H(a)unting, Seeking Truth, The Mystic, and Peering in from the Outside outright confirm it.


1. Shapeshifting. At base, it can look like an unhealthily thin, seven foot lawyer, sans face. But it can grow to be twelve feet and can alter its "arms" into tentacles.
2. Teleportation. iThis is actually how It moves when not watched. Keep your eyes open.
3. Mind speech. No one knows if It can read minds, but It can be heard in our heads, though. Usually "come out" and "come out to me". My advice: don't.
4. Mind Control: as you are more exposed to It. It will dig Its way into your head an take over. This is the Hallowing effect. Run while you still have a mind to protect.
5. Complete Memory Wipes: yes, it can erase all your memories. The blogging community has two. Frap and Pete.
6. Strength: This Thing can hang people from trees after (or before) gutting them and removing, then replacing their organs. A certain amount of power is required for that unless it's It's minions who do this for It.
7. Making you disappear permanently.

Intelligence: It is difficult to gadge how intelligent Slender Man is, so it's just easier to prescribe to the mentality of this thing as operating of a different wavelength than we do. Some think it's dumb. Others think it's a criminal mastermind and chessmaster. My opinion? This Thing knows exactly what It's doing. What's It doing? I have no idea, but I'm sure It knows. I tend to interpret Slender Man as a bully picking on beings (us) weaker than itself.

Signs Slender Man is in your area: Ranpent house fires and mass disappearing children. This thing really likes children for some reason. It's kind of like Stephen King's IT. Only instead of Tim Curry prancing around in clown make-up asking us if we float or if we have Prince Albert in a can (don't ask) while chewing the scenery, we get a completely silent and subtle monstrousity peering in our windows.

Not all hope is quite gone, though. There are methods which make it possible to survive while being haunted by it. Warning: a lot of this is not going to make sense, but keep in mind that the thing we're combatting works on a different wavelength than we do. For one thing, masks and the Third Floor of tall buildings confuse it.

M's Three Rules, for one.
1. Get up high and stay up high. Slender Man can look in your windows at you anywhere from the first to the second floor. However, it has trouble perceiving humans as humans when they've gone three stories up or higher. It's because humans at a higher elevation make no sense to it. This won't completely save you. This is just a temperary fix.
2. Keep moving. Do not stay in one place too long. Think of Slender Man like a tree. In a new place, Its basically a seedling who hasn't taken root and can't penetrate the area very well, but It will if given enough time. This timeframe can be anywhere from two weeks to a month.
3. Keep your eyes open. For whatever reason, human keeping their eyes on It traps It at the speed of man. If Slender Man is left unwatched, it can move faster than Han Solo's Millennium Falcon. So keep an eye on it and run when you get the opportunity.

Symbols: The operator sign. Basically, this: (X) A circle with an 'x' through it. Slender Man perceives these as a face, so even if you aren't looking at It, this will fool It into thinking It's being watched and It will move as such. Decorate yourself with these by any means necessary. Any.
The (X) sign will also hold it from entering your house for about a day if you have it posted on the doors and windows. So make sure to put up fresh ones after the old ones wear off.

Repellents: Electricity. Any kind of electrical weapon will do in fending it off. A taser or cattle trod will work.

General Advice:
1. Keep your conscious mind busy. That makes it harder for It to get into your head. Crossword puzzles do wonders for me.
2. Run in cities. Cities are not Its demain. They confuse It. It can send Its pawns after you, but better pawns than Slim himself.
3. Stay out of woods and forests: The wooded areas of the world are His domain. Avoid at all costs.
4. Wear masks. Masks confuse it, as they appear as "outer identity" covering your "inner identity", but it won't last. Change out masks frequently.

1. Decoys: a dummy or mannequin dressed in Opeator Sign covered clothes wearing a mask. Fresh ones with new clothes and a new mask will trick It for about five hours.
2. It also doesn't like fish and will tear them to shreds. Possibly whoever wields them as well. Don't get caught with fish if confronted by this thing.

Commons Types of People Haunted:
1. Runners: People who are content to simply outsmart and avoid stick.
2. Fighters: People who are actively trying to kill it. They can be either stationary or Running.
3. Obversers/Keepers: Information Gatherers concerning this Thing.
4. Conduits: Humans with the power to teleport. They also possess another ability. One that can hurt Him.

Effects of haunting:
1. Sickness. Not a normal cold, but human bodies don't react well to it and it makes us sick. So coughing, and other nasty side effects will crop up.
2. Lost Time. If you've suddenly looked around and realized you've lost four hours of your life while being haunted by It and you're feeling sore, tired, and sick, then that means It has Moved you. It took control of your mind and body and carted you off. Where? To It's love pad where It cranked up the Barry White. No, actually, It was probably doing far worse things than that to you. Such as...taking you away for two months and marking you body with...something, that keeps you trapped in one city, perhaps?
3. The Hallowing Effect: This is the process of which Lost Time is a side effect. Long story short, It's digging a hole in your mind where It's going to settle in and take over. Once this happens...

Slender Man's servants and slaves:
1. Proxies. This is a former person who has been taken over completely. They are hollow shells of their former selves and live only to serve it. Many of them are former Runners and Warriors. The point is, they weren't taken willingly. They often act like puppets with no initiative of their own, but a few are intelligent enough to blog. But largely, they're a part of a larger hive mind under "It". A few have been cured, but that requires capture and a long period of being deprived of exposure to It.
2. Agents: These people are just assholes who went to Slender Man and joined it willingly. They retain all of their intelligence and often lead groups of proxies against Runners and Warriors. Some of them even have their own blogs.
3. Revenats: seven foot monstrousities with horns. Avoid at all costs. They're far more powerful than humans and have killed people called Conduits who have superpowers. If you absolutely cannot avoid a fight with one: they have super senses. A touch is like pins and needles. Use that to your advantage. Oh, and ice water is instantly deadly to them.

Warding off the effects of Hallowing:
Marble, table salt, green food coloring, and cold water. Believe it or not, this concoction works. It will hold off the effects of Hallowing temperarily, but you need to get Running if it comes to this.

Other Items:
The Mark: This is something I've been branded with. It allowed Slender Man to overcome two of M's rules "keep up high" and "keep moving" for me specifically. This doesn't apply to you. If it does, I'm sure an annoying twat of an agent will start a blog telling you all about it.
Anyway, It has trapped me in one location and making me perceivable and attainable from wherever I am. Keeping your eye on It still works, though. If you've been Marrked, seek out my blog entry, "Reassessment".

All of this has been backed and discovered by those better at this than myself:

This is a good list of slenderblogs and vlogs. The site TVTropes may think this is fictional, but they still catalogue the information about stick and our struggles with competence: You will find just about everything you need to know here.

Other Places of Interest:

What You Are In The Dark

White Elephants

The Tutorial

The London Librarian

Testing 1, 2, 3

Slender School

Si vis pacem, para bellum

Seeking Truth

The Mystic

Search and Reveal

Observe and Terminate

Now I Shall Know You Again

Encyclopedia Slenderia

Dr. Cairo's Blog: This guy also has a YouTube channel linked from the blog. Watch it.

Anomalous Data

A Hint of Serendipity


The Silent Observer

The Silent Cartographer

The Scarecrow Experiment

Peering In From Outside

Para Not-So-Normal

Paranormal Log

Dreams in Darkness: While perhaps not as important of "The Tutorial" or "Si vis pacem, para bellum", this one does offer some insight on the fact that Slender Man has a cult that worships. Recent events concerning a lead Zeke Strahm is following, as well as my own experience in seeing the show live at the The Ruins, confirm the canonical nature of this blog.


Well, this has been a part of an attempt to network information on Slender Man with Jakob Gibson of "The Silent Observer" and "The Silent Cartagrapher".

To veterans,

Blog entries similar to this one where you're just informing about Slender Man is something I would like you all to do if you have not already. Remember, YOUR blog could be some newly Infected's first. You don't have to go out of your way and divert attention from present tasks. Just set an entry aside to compile a list of slenderblogs you deem inportant or link to a list somebody else made of important blogs and information. If not that, then at least just "Follow" all the major blogs and make it easy for newbies to navigate. Just do something to make sure newbies are informed on how to survive this. Our struggles are for them as much as for ourselves.
Yeah, I know, I've a lot of this before, but I'm serious about this. I'm adding this post to tabs so anyone can find it easily.



  1. Mind if I add some/all of the sites you mentioned to a page on The Silent Cartographer?

  2. Actually, a lot of this information could be added to my similar page.

  3. Ron, Cerberus was posted. He's Northeast of your current new home.

  4. Hey Ron about conduits. Most conduits have different powers. The only one I know who can teleport is Tom, and from the research the PTC has gathered on his ability even his isn't actual teleportation.

  5. But all you guys can enter His lair, right? That's more what I meant. Sorry if the Conduit thing isn't somthing I'm on the up and up on.

  6. ice water is not lethal to revenant

    reach killed one by shocking its system in a lake

    and drowning it

    ice water itself is not acid to monsters

    otherwise good intel

    im sure youll expose a few people to the mythos with this