Friday, April 8, 2011

You know, there was this one time

When my friends and I were planning on using the Call of Cthulhu setting to start up our own Slender Man-based campaign. For each sanity point lost, you'd get a negative on your will save to keep Slender Man from taking you over. It all seemed so harmless at the time. We were together. Drew, Jared, Josh, Sam, Stephanie, Elijah, and me. Drew's gone. Jared's missing and Pete runs his blog. Sam's gone. Stephanie's gone. Elijah's gone. Josh is missing, but probably just ran. I'm feel like I'm almost gone.

Listen, guys, I know how this goes. When I am no longer here, I want you to take care of Pete and Clarice.

Oh hai thar, tentacle at the window, didn't see you thar. So how's your sex life? I should seriously just ask someone that out the blue and see how they react sometime.

I won't let Him take me. I won't. I won't goo back to wherever I was in late-December, January, and half of Feb. I won't go back to Boston. I won't go back to The Ruins. I won't. I just won't.


  1. You can fight this. Stay positive.

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  3. I am fighting it. I won't be taken again. Not again. Ever.