Sunday, February 27, 2011

Slice's Disappearance

Slice still isn't back, and i can't find him anywhere. Alright, this is what happened yesterday:

We met up to try to track down a way to remove my Mark. We discussed where to look over breakfast when Slice suggested The King's Chapel and the Burial Grounds out back.
I didn't have any better plans, so I agreed. After our meal, we set out and went to the Chapel. There's really not much to say about the Chapel. It was clean. Not a hint of underground Slender Man activity anywhere. And we paid special attention to anyone who was around. No one seemed to be suspicious or anything. As far as we can tell, it's just an old chapel where they still worship God.
Eventually, given how much of a precious bit of property the King's Chapel is, we decided to head out to the Burial Grounds out back. While the church itself might have been clean, that's not to say that stick's proxies and agents haven't been using for hold meetings with their "master", Slice figured. Boy, was his hunch right.
We looked around the graves for a while before moving onto a small grove of trees a bit away from. There was a giant Operator sign carved into the ground. Then, then we saw Him standing across the way from us. We decided to make a temperary retreat and come back later. We backed slowly away from Him. And backed, and backed, and backed, but we never seemed to be reaching the grounds or getting away from Him. I dared a glance behind and found that somewhere we wee caught in a loop. We were entering and reentering the same grove of trees over and over.
Then Slender showed us how fast he can move even when being watched when he lunged. It may have been trapped at the speed of man, but damn He forced us to give up backing away and we just had to run for it. His tendrils extended and shot out in many directions. He used them to pursue us in a spider-like fashion with His body dangling between the long tentacles digging into the ground. I can say without doubt that it was the single most frightening sight I have ever witnessed.
We ran and ran but we couldn't escape the grove no where which direction we took. No matter where we ran, there He was, right on our heels as if the dog to the prey.
Eventualy, we tired and had to stop. The last thing I remember before shutting my eyes and then reopening them to discover I was back in the hotel room was Slice pouring lighter fruid on his arm, lighting it, and then charging Slender Man Evan-style.
It was about 4:20 PM when we entered the Burial Grounds and then were chased by Him. It was 5:00 PM when I blogged the entry, so obviously I experienced little to no Lost Time. It was as if He just pushed me out of the way so that He could get His real target: Slice. I've been looking for him for two days now.

I... I can't talk about what I saw today right now. Later, but not right now.

Please, if anyone has heard anything about Slice since then, talk to me. Someone, anyone.... You gotta help me find him.


  1. What? You didn't enjoy today's Hunt? Or the pleasant chat with Al(x)ne? We set up your attendance at our little get together generously, and a dejected "I don't want to talk about it" is all the thanks we get? Honestly, there really is just no pleasing some people.