Friday, February 18, 2011

The Good Things About Libraries...

...Is that if you have any appreciation for reading at all, there's always something to do while you're waiting for someone.

Alright, as I've expressed, I've been here going on two hours now in this empty library waiting for Slice to show up. I somehow doubt a public library like this in one of America's oldest towns can truly by completely vacant with the exception of one customer (me), so I'm going to take a wild guess and assume that this was a manipulation of some sort by the construct and his dog. The bastard is staring in the window opposite of me right now. Just, staring, staring, staring, staring, and more staring. "Come out. Come out to me", it tells me in my mind. I stare back because I don't want it to appear somewhere else, like right behind me. This is the true reason I haven't budged from the library yet. I'm in a staring contest with ol' slim.

You suck, you know that, slim? I wish it'd just come out and tell us why it does this, but I know not to expect an answer. It'd be less frightening to receive one. That's it's game, of course. I've always interpreted slimjim as schoolyard bully taken to Cthulhu levels. Excuse me while I ramble for a bit to keep my sanity while I stare it down, but I honestly believe that this chase is it sends us all on is the thrill of the hunt. Hell, Black Leaf even calls the construct a hunter! Fuck, it's even "tagged" me with a transmitter, so to speak, and set me loose in an expansive pen for game with it's faithful hound sniffing me out. Now it's got two people, Frap from Friends and Pete (my name for Prey the 2nd) from Search and Reveal running around with wiped memories and having been set loose at random locations, probably far from their homes, for a fox hunt of sorts.

The construct is constantly hunting, hurting, and tormenting beings that are helpless to stop it, i.e. us. Oh yeah, unless we all happen to have a fully functional electro-magnet, that is.

I hate you, construct. You killed all of my friends last year, then you drove those three of us who remained, Jared, Drew, and myself, from our homes. Then you Hallowed Drew, Jared's disappeared, and you took me to God knows where and did God knows what to me. Now I'm here stuck dancing to your tune with your dog barking at my heels.

You know what, fuck you! I will never surrender to you, construct. I will never break. This last straw has fueled my resolve. You want a fight? You want a chase? You want a hunt? Come and get me! I'm the fucking gingerbread man! I can shatter your chain and I can scale your fence!Then I'm gonna Run, Run, Run away, and then find something that kills you! We willed you here. We can will you back!


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    65 6d 6f 63 72 65 76 4f 20 28 74 6f 4e 29 6e 61 43 20 6f 75 59


    114 111 111 68 32 101 104 116 32 110 101 112 79 32 40 116 111 78 41 110 97 67 32 111 117 89

    Now annoy now arty you.

    sun cow keen nUrTurer.

    vital oF coldest cowS.

  2. Ugh. More codes? I am not in the mood for this. Well, slim's officially vanished, so I'm going to run like hell now.

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  4. 107 99 97 108 102 32 97 98 108 101 32 111 114 32 116 108 111 118 32 104 116 110 105 110 32 101 101 103 32 97

  5. Pay him no mind. Go about your business, Little Prey. He can't help you. Fully expect my return and The Hunt to resume on the morrow.

  6. I will pay anyone I want mind, thank you very much.

  7. I was in the library until 5. I saw Him at 4:50.

    Let's try again soon.