Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Possible hints of serendipity

Alright, Clyde, he prefers Clyde now that his real name is out in the open, has been taken to an exam room by a doctor and some nurses. I'm breathing a few sighs of relief right now. I'm the waiting room. We made it. We actually made it. I'm only being allowed to blog here right here because I told them Clyde had some concerned parties online that I was going to inform. Well, that's technically not a lie. ;)

Alright, to cut to the chase: I didn't rush in bashing in proxy heads with a bat and then swooped in to save Clyde and carried him off in my arms away from the villains. No, I just called the cops and reported some gang activity at the slums where he was hidden. They showed up, saw Black Leaf and his gang, and well.... When you're wearing all black and matching wearing masks and get spotted by some cops who arrived investigating gang activity, it ain't goodin' for your case. Unfortunately, no, Black Leaf didn't do anything stupid and get gunned down. He instead took off his mask (I now know what you look under there, BL. You were one of the employees at the hotel I was staying in before!) and started talking down the cops.
I didn't hear what was being said. I just took that as my cue to sneak though another entrance and look for Clyde.

After about a half-hour of looking for him, I found him hiding under a basement staircase. His leg was messed almost like he was mauled by something. After some makeswift bandaging, I put his arm around my shoulders and supported him all the way out.
Just as we were exiting, we saw Him and the gang coming up on us, so we bumrushed the door and into a crowd. Then we sat down a bit later on a bench and rested for a moment while I typed in the previous entry. The sprint to the door with his bad leg as it is took it out of him, unfortunately. So I ended up having to hail a cab, which took us to the hospital.

And that's pretty much the whole story.

On the topic of my deadline. So... One week. I could work with that if the deadline on Clarice's head weren't another matter altogether. It goes without saying that if we were to sneak in and only grab either her or the Brand then the other will be moved and never found in time. Either she or I would have to be sacrificed.
So when we do this, it's all going to be in one go, and by tomorrow night. Clyde is too hurt to go back into The Ruins. Gee I wonder why they set this up for tomorrow. They know I'll have to go in alone. Slice is out of the picture, and everyone else has just moved on. Looks like this whole thing falls on me. So if I fail, Clarice gets Indoctrinated, and a wounded Clyde will be alone in the city. It all falls neatly into place for them.
I need a plan.

You might call me unwise for announcing my intentions live, but enemy's done a pretty damn good job of setting the board and the pieces here. For now, I think I'm going to operate under radio silence, so to speak. I'll stay in touch at least until tomorrow, guys.



  1. So what will you do if it does come down to the Brand/you or her?

  2. I think it would be far more useful if we started posting false plans intended to fool them. If we lie openly about what our plans are it will be harder for them to counter any of the actual plans. It would be better to have them come up with useless counter measures that way they waste their time, energy, and resources. If they play by deceit, and trickery we should too.

  3. @Cherub: I don't know.

    @(X): I'll think about that.

  4. Ron, are you alright. You haven't checked back in.