Thursday, March 10, 2011


Little Me, lovely Little Me
Little Ron, He will pluck my innards away
He'll pluck the innards out of my body
They'll pluck the innards out of my body
Out with my hEart - out with my heart
Little Me, Little Me

My heart
My belly
My liver
My kidneys
My pancreas
My lungs


  1. Ron...
    Oh, oh God.

    Clyde, hurry... -Clarice

  2. Observe the randomly capitalized letters throughout the six poems. It comes out "SAVEME". He obviously has not been completely conquered. -Clyde

  3. You just don't know when to quit, do you? Flee. Get out of here. If you're caught trying to save Ron as he was for Clarice, the Master and Al(x)ne won't settle for simple "Indoctration" for you.

  4. Ron. I should have been there with you and Cerberus. I should have helped. Then this wouldn't have happened. I. Am. Sorry.