Sunday, November 28, 2010

Ron here: Drew is gone.

I just received a call from Jared. He went to Drew's house (the ancestral one he got from his grandarents) and found it ramsacked. The front door was busted in and looked like a tornado had run through it according to him. Then It descended Drew's staircase and Jared fled the property by car but not after a chase in which Jared stated, in these eact words: "I flattened him, then backed over him again and again and again." Stick was still alright.

Alright, this shit is serious now. Damn Him! Damn Him to hell! Damn the fucking monster! I haet HIm for what he s done to us1 First he kills our hallows our friends one by one then forces us from our homes ruining our lives and it never fukcing stops! I'll kill him! I'll kii killyouall
What the shit was that?! I didn't type that, did I? Oh man, this is messed up. I'm out of here. I'm hitting the next bus out of here. See you all later.


These are the findings of the second notebook:

P. 1: As with last time, its the (X) symbol, but nothing else.

P. 2: cetissol

P. 3: crude drawing of a cabin in the woods.


P 5: runallyoulike

P. 6: iwillfindyou

P. 7: whenicatchyou

P. 8: youwillknowpaindespairsufferinginsantykillkillkillkillkillkillkillkillkillkillkillkillkillkillkillkillkillkillkillkillkillkillkill


P. 10: hatehatehatehatehatehatehatehatehatehatehatehatehatehatehate

P. 11: Another drawing of a great tree that towers over the others. Again, it also has layers with a different world or realm sticking out of it.

P. 12: youwilljoinusyouhavenochoiceinthematter

P. 13: youwanttoknowmyname?

P. 14: ihavenoneedforone

P. 15: youhumansmustonlyknowiamme


P. 17: canyouReachhim

P. 18: whatdoiwant

P. 19: iwantyouiwantallofyou

P. 20: why?

P. 21: allingoodtimemydear


P. 23: wheredoicomefrom

P. 24: thatwouldruinthefun

P. 25:  mUSt i gO


P. 27: he walks here and there

P. 28: ilovemytoys

P. 29: theyaresofunespeciallyaftertheybreak

P. 30: cometomechild

P. 31: whoamiafter allofyou

P. 32: whofirstthough

P. 33: comeoutchildwecanplayallthetimetogetherforeverandever

P. 34: 12 hesgonnagetyou 34nevergotosleep 56neversleepagain

P. 35: hellodrew

P. 36: amanisnotafortress

P. 37: whatiam

P. 38: thatwouldruinthesurprise

P. 39: youarenolongerfun

P. 40: iamafraidourplaytimehasconcludedfornow

P. 41: iwillreturnlaterlittletoy

P. 42: imbackchild

P. 43: what do you intend to do to me

P. 44: allingoodtime

P. 45: why do you stand there

P. 46: (something written I can't understand)

P. 47: why iggdrasil

P. 48: noneofyourconcern

P. 49: Again, another drawing of a big tree.

P. 50: A drawing of a snowglobe? It looks either like a bubble or glass globe with some buildings and a dark sky cast overheard inside. I don't conprehend this. Perhaps this could be some kind of reality marble, which is basically subdimension where people can be kept. For example, in both Marble Hornets and EverymanHYBRID Jay and the group have been warped through time and space and if Welcome to the Ark on EMH means anything, they've been in one of these. It might also explain where the ones IT gets to go when they don't reappear again assuming he doesn't consume them. Perhaps they were never taken to the Other Side but are in fact in a subdimension he made. Perhaps as pets?

P. 51: three days of night

P. 52: rival

P. 53: theworldshavebeenconnected

P. 54: A drawing of a circle.

P. 55: llemsrettib

P. 56: i Am TrEvOr ThE mAsTeR hAs SeNd FoR mE

P. 57: comeplaycomeplay

P. 58: youdarestandabovemecomedownthisinstant

P. 59: pieces are in position my move

P. 60: A crude drawing of ol' slimjim

P. 61: A drawing of slimjim staring in upside down as if he were on Sam's roof and peering in from there.

P. 62: you need only connect

P. 63: he touched me

P. 64: where am i

P. 65: dark

P. 66: chanting

P. 67: beating of drums

P. 68: a shadow moves

P. 69: it is dark

P. 70: they are coming

P. 71: three days of night

P. 72: A photo taped to the page of a hole Sam's wall looking like something busted in. The hole is big enough to fit a man.

P. 73: Another photo. Too dark to tell, but the POV is from on top of Sam's bed. A figures is diving out of the the line of view. Too dark to tell anything else.

P. 74: Another photo of Sam sleeping. The POV is by his bedside and ol' slimjim is standing across from the camera at the other side of the bed. Since when do images of It come out this clear?

P. 75: Photo of some masky sitting at the foot of Sam's bed. POV: from atop of Sam's bed. Why would a proxy be acting like the Rake?

P. 76: smeestitahwton

P. 77: Photo of Sam's front yard. Guess who's hiding among the trees in the back of it?

P. 78: Photo of slimjim seemingly charging the trailer Sam's in in full on combat mode.

P. 79: stayawayfromthetrees

P. 80: comeoutandwellgoforawalk

P. 81: Drawing of slim

P. 82: Photo of Sam slasher smiling at the camera.

P. 83: Some undeveloped film taped to the page. Can't make the images out.

P. 84: Another drawing of a winged armored lady.

P. 85: What looks another crude drawing of Gollum. What is this thing? It was also in the previous notebook? The Rake? Doubtful, there was already a Masky sitting at the foot of his bed Sam never had any cuts that I know of.

P. 86: Drawing of...It strangling Sam with its tentacles.

P. 87: A drawing of a black, bare tree. No obvious business shirt or tie or head present. Don't get it.

P. 88: Same tree, now with said appearance accesseries.

P. 89: Same tree now in full slimjim form.

P. 90: Wodinaz.

P. 91: wasnotenoughstillhungered (I don't like the sound of that whether is was Sam or slimfast who was in control while writing that.)

P. 92: Oh good lord in heaven, a drawing of Elijah after he met his fate...months after Sam disappeared.

P. 93: A drawing of Stephanie dying by Drew's hand when she attacked us. Why is this shit being shown in here? Well, I won't let it shake me.

P. 94: a drawing of a smiling Josh on the fourth floor of a hotel. Given the accuracy of this other two drawings, I guess this means Josh made it out alive.

P. 95: A drawing of Drew's Mountain Man alive and well, but somewhere dark. It looks like a merky swamp with fog. So I'm guessing this is the other side Robert described.

P. 96: A drawing of a street light with the red light on. Real cute, slimjim.

P. 97:  Alright, three images on this page. Another image of Mountain Man, but he's cornered by some shadows while protecting someone. The other figure he's protecting is holding an object of some sort. The next image is of Mountain Man fighting them off as the other figure makes a run for it, clutching the item for dear life. Third image is of the figure being caught by some other figures and dragged off. The item is nowhere to be seen here.

P. 98: A smiling man prancing through a field of flowers inside a bubble while outside the bubble maskies and people running from them are about in a darker atmosphere.

P. 99: Drawing of Mountain Man walking away from the fight, his adversaries dead on the ground..

P. 100: The (X) sign.

Alright, obviously a lot of information is revealed here, but it was certainly on slim's terms that it came out. I still don't get the armoed lady or ladies who keep appearing, or the Gollum-like creature. It makes no sense for the scuttler to be the Rake. He's busy with the hybrids and there is no evidence here to suggest Sam was ever attacked in a Rake-like fashion.
As for Mountain Man, the guy he was trying to help who got caught and dragged off. Robert? It would at least seem to be, but the 'thing' the guy is carrying is never detailed. For all we know, it was the operator sign Draw spoke of and this was some other Guardian-type figure, though the images do fit.
Also, Yggdrasil, Wodinaz? Wodinaz is another word for Odin. In the previous notebook a couple in the pages that could imply that ol' slim is a creation of the Norse gods. But why, when, how, and where are all still up in the air. Then there's the frightening image of the original notebook of several slims attacking a town, as well as a picture of some nondetailed stick figured being obliterated from above. Maybe He was one of many who had a purpose that did not include...uh, doing what He does, but then they went bad and were destroyed. Pure conjecture. And it doesn't help us since it also implies that nothing short of an act of God will stop him, and the last thing we need is that implication.

So, long story short, I have no idea how much of these notebooks are accurate or useful, but I'm going to post all the findings in the hopes they are.

Ron Here: "It is my goal to reduce Hitler down to such a figure of ridiculousness that no one will ever take his ideas seriously again."

That quote is from Mel Brooks on the topic of Nazis.

"Its good to be the king"

Having been born 1926, that was a very relevant topic to him in the forties. I have a plan. What if we introduced ol' slimjim to the viewing public at large in a musical play comedy where we feature him a pathetic ineffectual villain to such a degree that the very concept of Slender Man becomes a stupid, pathetic, incompetent, harmless, and above all else: not something they would fear. Now I know how stupid this sounds, but if ol' slimfast's presence lacks the ability to inspire fear then we have diminished his pull. Well, I know a publisher from before I went on the run who I know has not been tainted. I know this is toying with his life, but he has connections to the kind of people who would be able to make a comedic musical play about It possible. Can't you just see it now? Ol' slim prancing around the stage in Tim Curry's little get-up from Rocky Horror Picture Show singing Sweet Transvestite? Either it would be very satisfying thing to behold, or you might do this:

Yes, this would spread knowledge of the concept of slender man in an auditorium, but it would tainted awarenesss much like kids dressing up like him Halloween (oh, believe me, I intend to get in touch with Halloween costuming companies by any means necessary if the Winter Solstice plan doesn't turn out well for us. I've been making detailed sketches of the bastard for them to go off of. I know I would be toying with their lives, but any chance of spreading this "bad-for-him-awareness" like Robert(ex-Sage; Guardian) mentioned will be a welcome opportunity I will take since we'll all be screwed anyway otherwise).

That's what I want to talk to you about, zero. Does any of this hold any merit? Is anything I've written here worth pursuing or should I just quit dillydallying and jsut update the events and notebook stuff liek Drew wanted while trying to survive.

Other News:

On My Own Running:

Alright, as you all know tall, dark, and slim reigned hell fire and brimstone down on his opposers around Thanksgiving and I seem to be one of the only ones not on the list of people who wasn't attacked. This has apparently raised the suspicion of a blogger who will remain unnamed who contacted me and demanded to know my Running method. Simple, guy: I was mericlessly attacked along with everyone else, but I'm never more than a dozen blocks away from a Police Station at night. I'm able to run that far and have.
Each and every agent and proxy that's even tried to mess with me found themselves on the run, gunned down, or arrested within minutes. In fact, after about the fourth attack the police even sent the word out into the town to keep on the look-out for these freaks and they've even been actively been hunting them down. In fact, two proxies or two agents just ran by followered by a black-and-white right this minute. I'm telling you, any Runners reading this, you should try this sometime. Once you're done with your business during the day, just find a spot to nestle up near some local law inforcement you'll never have to truly worry again as far as Its minions are concerned. Of course, It will still be the biggest worry, but if you follow M's rules you'll be fine.
Now, if you're going to partake in the Solstice, I'd hold off telling anyone too soon. The less time between your announcement and the actual event will also be less time ol' stick has to rally his deadheads to get to you in which their own forces will be split preparing for it as we are. To anyone on their way to zero's or any of the other team-ups happening, just keep your head. The worse you can do is lose your wits. Calming breaths, peaceful thoughts, steeling your nerves, caution, and common sense are you greatest friends. Well, okay, M, the Sages, and the others are also your friends, too.
In fact, let me recommend two people who are highly active and helpful right now: zero and Fizzbomb. I think I trust these two above the others. I did trust the current unfortunatr ward of Fizz, Nessa, even more perhaps, but... Just read Fizz's blog. I don't have the heart.

My involvement with the Solstice: I intend to survive it. If zero's plan doesn't go well, I intend to take up experimenting on the tall dude as the Sages do if none of them remain afterwards or if they're welcoming recruits b then. I have a few ideas I want to try but will not disclose here. That said, I think zero, Amelia, and Maduin will survive this ordeal and walk away from the Solstice bodies and minds intact (don't any you dare prove me wrong. Especially not you, zero. You are my favorite of all of the sages that have been).

On Drew and Jared's search for the potential Conduit who lived their asses: Jared is one day away from home and will be teaming up with Drew then. Good luck, guys.

Misc: Hey, anybody remember that first post where Drew posted about Sam? Well, one of the proxies chased off by the police left behind one of his personal belongings: his knife. I would recognize it anywhere. He had his signature engraved on it. I did not get a good look at the man who wielded it, but he was at least about as tall as Sam. Thus...

Status of Haunted Friends Update:

Samuel Maguire. Haunted. Hallowed (Potentially). I am already gathering the necessary items to create a cure using the research laid down by the sages and I intend to capture him if it is him if he shows up to attack me. Heh. Don't worry, Sam could never take me in a fight, even if it was serious. In fact, slimjim still hasn't come anywhere close to throwing the agent or proxy that could take me in a fight yet. I don't know if that means he's holding back on me or if that really is the best he's got outside of the Revenants. I hope for the latter but expect the former. Perhaps I should begin an inquiry about the competence level of the standard agent and proxy to gain a frame of reference to gauge these guys. No use beginning one about Revenants. I'm royal dead if one shows up.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Ron here with brief update:

On Drew: He's well on his route home to continue the hunt which he abandoned. He has been informed that Jared will be joining him. I'm crossing my fingers and praying, people.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010


Greetings fellow stalked

With all this talk of the Winter Solstice I've decided to return home and track down the symbol I have described and inquired about, as well as the msyerious mountain man who wielded it. We searched those woods about five times, each time deeper and found nothing but a long abandoned cabin with some ancient stew left in a pot over a long since dead fire.
After Jared left, the search ended as he was the best at finding his way through woods and fields.Well, Elijah, Sam, and Stephanie didn't die for nothing, I'll see to that.

I've been inspired to courage by zero, Amelia, and various others and I will take my own stand in this time. Ron has declined and will continue running He will be the one to keep this blog going from now on, as I will not be taking anything as unwieldy as a laptop with me on this chase. My own hunt is on. I will however keep in contact with him and he will relay if I find anything and confirm that I am, in fact, still alive.

Ron here:

Yo. Been a while. I guess I've been promoted to being Drew's own keeper. I will post the rest of our tale and the notebook findings. Keep it strong, hornets, hybrids, and runners. We out.

Monday, November 22, 2010


I gave short list of people in my circle who became haunted. This is what happened.

Jared: Haunted. Running. May 10th 2010-Present.

Sam: Haunted. Disappeared. 2009 Nov. 18th.

Drew: Haunted. Running with Ron. Running since 2010 Nov. 18th.

Ron: Haunted. Running with Drew(me). Same.

Elijah: Haunted. He was found impaled on a tree with his organs removed.  His left eye was also gouged much like Logan's. 2010 Aug. 19th.

Stephanie: Hanted. Hallowed, then... Killed, by me. We first saw she completely under its control in June this year. I had no choice when she attacked us shortly after on the 21st.

Josh: Haunted. Disappeared. When last seen, he was not showing signs of being Hallowed or driven to insanity. So hopefully he just Ran without telling the rest of us. Disappeared on 2010 Nov. 3rd.

Danny, the boy who saved by the mountain man along with me: I barely knew this guy and I last knew him in Middle School. I'm in my mid-20s now. He disappeared on a presently unknown date, but I'd wager it was around the same time I had my little memory come back to me.

My mother: Diseased. Hopefully just passed in a burning house and not...Taken. Mid April.

That said, my father also once disappeared until unknown circumstances while hunting up in the woods where I encountered it as a child.

Then I also heard about multitudes of children going to missing around this time, as well as a few adults.

Now everyone in the circle of friends and family is either dead or Running.

EDIT: I will get back to recording the details of the varous incidents that made up our encounters and I will continue to post notebook findinds. I just wanted to let you all know what basically happened to us.

We're back:

Drew here.

Alright, Ron and I made it the next town and we're fine. You see what I mean? The whole slenderprozies and agents shit started up with disturbing quickness in our case. There was no months long torment before it pulled out the big guns on us. In no other cycle of events concerning it have I ever seen the proxies, agents, burned bridges, and disappearances happen so quickly than in our case. I don't know why it is acting differently with the victims that once made up my social circle, but isn't because we invisioned it differently. We just don't know. We did envision it as the tactical bastard who tears us down for long months, but that's not how it went for us. If you read the 'a bit about me' entry, you'll see how quickly the bastard went to work in our case.
The whole reason Ron, Jared, and myself are still here is just because we don't crack easily and know how to calm ourselves and keep our heads.

I have theory on this. I think we honestly are its substinance and it's storing for the coming attack announced by greenlight/Robert/Sage, and it was using our particular lot for the fuel. And Sam's notebooks are obviously important in some day, as is the one meaningful dream I had concerning the mountain man. Why else would two proxies appear in our hotel room the very night I first started the blog and posted the findings of the first one.

Anyway, I've done a bit of studying concerning the 'smell' sense Nessa mentioned as the new element in the narrative. I can't be sure, but I faintly recall the object the man who saved the other kid and myself as children smelling like a very bitter tree sap. Perhaps it was the wood it was made out of. How can I get a hold of Robert?

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Looks like Drew's been busy. Ron here.

Found the dope who calls himself Drew sleeping in front of his laptop with an article from Testing 1, 2, 3 on the screen. Yeah, I'm the running partner you've been hearing about from him.

Yo, that's some pretty freaky shit in Sam's notebook. This would be the second time the world tree from Norse mythology has come up concerning the stickman. Whatever. If Thor was going to fry this guy's ass for us, it'd have happened by now since heaven knows that there's no way any god could ignore the rash of activity from stick.

I don't know what half of anything in Drew's latest update, but we really do need you guys on our end. He hasn't even began to cover just what hell our lives became or what drove Jared to just up and Run long before any of the rest of us did.

Woop, the dope's stirring. Better not hi

Shit! Gotta go!


In which I go through each page and type what was written there. Alright, I have a laptop and no other equipment such as a scanner, so I forgive me I must describe what is written.

P. 1: On page one we have the (X) sign. Nothing else.
P. 5: HE
P. 6: Set the pawns forward.
P. 7: The word ‘Yggdrasil’, sideways, and in the shape of a chess pawn.
P. 8: A crude sketch of ol’ slendy in full combat tentacles mode.
P. 9: The image of three armored women with plumed helmets and swords drawn. They’re flying in the air and have wings.
P. 10: A sketch of the construct walking away from a burning forest.
P. 12-16: pictures from the original Something Awful thread printed off and posted.
P. 18: Your move.
P. 20: A sketch of a bunch of slendys crowding around the base of a giant tree.
P. 23: LAST
P. 24: 10 10 7 20.
P. 26: Knight(Agent) three, one over.
P. 27: SAGES
P. 28: CHILD       
P. 29: MY
P. 30-31: a spread sheet sketch of three hovering figures doing what looks like raining firey death down on a crowd of stick figures.
P. 34: I’m in check.
P. 35: ggg 23.
P. 36: Ezekiel
P. 37: A sketch of three figures standing by a burning pile which is catching the woods on fire as one lone stick figure makes off into the forest.
P. 40: 2010 11 15
P. 42: ALL
P. 44: queen has fallen
P. 45: TriS GGG H W M C H F
P. 46: diediediediediediediediediediediediediedie
P. 47: RS J S M Z A
P. 48: Z M A B NC J A A
P. 49: drew is lost
P. 50: where the lost ones go
P. 51: A sketch of a bunch of stick figures raising their hands as if praising the great tree they surround.
P. 52: LOVE
P. 53: theotherside
P. 54: Wodanaz
P. 55: I SEE YOU
P. 57: he is here
P. 58: Pawns are his.
P. 59: allwhomoveagainsthimperishinflamewhatamilookingatthathorriblefacenothereisnofacethosearmswhatarms
P. 60: Open the door.
P. 62: swan
P. 63: totheark
P. 64: J.
P. 65: the answer
P. 68: AN
P. 69: (something I can’t read)
P. 71: maiden
P. 72: A sketch of…a log? I have no idea.
P. 73: A sketch of a carpenter’s workshop.
P. 74-75: the page is torn out, so I have no idea what was on it.
P. 76: Here Sam wrote ‘FIND ME’ in what I think is blood.
P. 77: A sketch of a whole frikkin’ army of slender men attacking what looks like a Dark Ages village and carrying off figures smaller than the ones trying to battle them. Probably children.
P. 78: A sketch of the guy Davey Crocket guy from my dream holding the Substance covered (X) sign.
P. 80: HABIT
P. 81: A sketch of what almost looks like Gollum from The Lord of the Rings. Small pale humanoid figure that walks on all fours.
P. 82: A sketch of a tree with various figures impaled on the branches with visible bags also hanging off them.
P. 84: dirbyh neve
P. 85: A sketch of a tree that looks like it had multiple floors of far-stretching land growing out of it.
P. 86: RUN
P. 87: I’M SORRY
P. 89: damnthem
P. 90: helr
P. 92: koolnetsilllems itwilldoyounogoodyouaredead
P. 93: the castle still stands
P. 95: hungers
P. 96: 3 3 doom
P. 97: H W comes for HIM soON
P. 98: guide them in the night light the light
P. 100: you win
Um, yeah… No comment. P. 49 that says ‘Drew is lost’ in particular will haunt me tonight. Alright, granted, there has been more than one Drew that has been tormented by it, but still...

I have no idea what to make of any of this. If anyone can possibly figure this out let me know. If this is ever of any help, I can leave this life happy if worse comes to worse.
Alright, seeing some of the weird shit in this notebook that looks like blatant references to things that happen in other blogs later on has put me off. I'll post what I find in his other notebooks later.

Friday, November 19, 2010


Hello Fellow Runners,
Seeing as we’re all in the same boat, I think that its only appropriate that you know a little about me. Alright, I lived alone in my Maternal Grandparents’ house, which I inherited because I already lived nearby when they passed on. Hey, other than my mother who I was still living with at the time, I was the nearest living relative who didn’t already have a life at least one whole state away, so I was literally the only choice outside of completely uprooting one of their children or other grandkids if the old place was going to continue to belong to the family. This house I was in got my Materal Great-Grandparents and their sons, grandpa Dave and Great-Uncle George through the Great Depression because it was already old enough to be completely paid off and couldn’t be taken from them at the time. So you get an idea of just how long this abode has been with us and what it means to my family to keep it that way. Okay, done with the boring history lesson.
This is why I said it pained me to finally have to give up the home that has housed five generations of my bloodline on mom’s side to Run. My future bride Maddie was going to move in, I was going to make sweet love to her in that big bed upstairs. There were going to be little Drew and Maddie juniors crowding around the TV arguing over whether to watch Avatar The Last Airbender or Spongebob. Well, no more. Maddie’s fine, because she’s not a target and I got the hell out of dodge before she could become one. Damn… Shaun, if you’re reading this. I know how you feel, since you also left your girl behind. It sucks even more when she’s said yes to you popping the big question, though. Ron’s even worse off. He was already married, but was the only target in his household for some reason. What scares the hell out of both of us is that our respect girls are probably looking for us right now despite the warnings we left them.
Anyway, the house is out in the Illinois countryside near Nauvoo, the city Joseph Smith founded for the Mormons. It’s on a bug bluff overlooking a highway. Across the way from the road is a corn field, and beyond…the woods. The house is three stories tall (four including the basement), and I own seven acres of land, also inherited. On that land, there were bunches of cats, three horses, and the only one which I count as my pet because I brought her here myself: my dog, Lucy, a half-Rottweiler mutt, who thankfully did not get too much the look of a vicious dog passed onto her, but she certainly had the spirit.
Well, every horse, cat, and dog that lived there is gone now. I honestly don’t get what could appeal to it about killing animals. I mean, I know I was sad when I found my poor Lucy ripped to shreds, but it’s not something I can’t handle. Anyway…
The Hauntings and My Social Circle:
First things first, this is the list of people who became haunted amongst my friends who I introduced to Marble Hornets. Sam, Jared, Ron, myself, Stephanie, Elijah, and Josh. The ones who aren't as far as I know are a few.
Alright, the next person to become h(a)unted was Jared, who took off and Ran before we did. He hasn’t made a blog or kept in contact so I’m hoping to God that he hasn’t fallen prey to NightCrawler. Though just being killed is still the lesser of two evils. it or being gunned down. Pick your pison.
Jared became infected with it in early Febuary. Now, Jared, is a calm, calculating individual who does handle stress and confrontations well, unlike Sam. Love Sam as I did, loving someone also comes with admitting their faults. Sam didn’t handle pressure well at all. Ever. And being stalked by a vile creature he didn’t understand is the very definition of stress.
Anyway, Jared didn’t tell us that he was being followed and kept up a fa├žade of normalcy which he only dropped once Ron and I were in the same boat.
That said, he left us when he Ran in May. Yes, Jared survived three months of being stalked in his own home. He is a very stubborn individual who apply just as much pressure to any force that tries to push him. However, he’s also very smart and, well…he's a skinny, 5’10” little guy who picked up whatever sword techniques he has by watching anime. …So yeah. Long story short, we did notice some strange alterations in his behavior in the time when he was being hunted while not Running. For example, he moved his sleeping quarters to the attic which was on the third floor of his house. My guess was that he experimenting to see if it would be able to perceive him by all the way up there.
That, and he did start using the (X) sign. Hell, he actually had a few T-shirts made. You know, not just spray-painting it on, but he had a professional T-shirt designer make a few (X) designed shirts. The effect was that he was able to wear them and walk out in public without too many people glancing his way because to anyone not in the know, it looked like a shirt with an odd logo on it. I think that was a smart move on his part, instead of markering/paitning/spray-painting it on like I believe Shaun did.
Not much changed about his behavior in that time. He still went work, DMed our Dungeons and Dragons sessions, and hung out with us. Never at any point did he act like he wasn’t getting sleep or was afraid. Why, because that’s just how Jared is. The man has balls of steel, and he’ll be damned in some abomination born from our imaginations and fears was going to get him riled.
Then Ron and I saw him on the same night. It was mid-March. Ron and I were playing Super Smash Brothers Brawl on my Wii when suddenly, the TV and the console started acting up. Now, the Wii is located right beside the TV on my entertainment center, which is next to a window I kept open (at the time). You can already probably guess what I beheld when I happened to glance out into the yard. Now, it wasn’t standing right there next to the window, but I see it standing on the gravel of my driveway, perfectly still. I cried in surprise and jumped back. Ron shot up from his seat and ran over to the window to see what surprised me. He saw it and opened the front door and called out asking what the stranger wanted.
Now, the “visiter” was still shrouded in darkness as it was still beyond my front porch light and all we could see was his form in the darkness. Then he stepped into said light and we both saw quite plainly that it was impossibly tall, skinny, and had no face. Its arms. Oh gosh…its arms. No, I don’t know what I was staring at. I might have thought it was a prank…at first, but then its arms transformed into its tentacles right in front of us and more protruded from its back. Has it ever made such a display of its shape-changing abilities to anyone else so quickly? Alright, first of all, it worked Sam over real fast. So you think that maybe Robert(Guardian), Zeke(Mystic), Shaun(Guide), and the election of the new Sages (Maduin, zero, and Amalia) was making it want a quick bite to eat in order to gather its strength? Is it possible that it was preparing for the coming Nov 23rd (as I believe the date was) by grabbing some quick snacks? I’ve never heard of a scenario where the damn thing seemed to do whatever the hell it wants to us right then and there at the beginning. Isn’t it always later that the tentacles come out, and not right at the beginning? Of course, it did let us drive off. Of course, car chasing isn’t exactly one of the things I’ve heard of it doing…
 I have never been so scared in my entire life. Ron acted fast by slamming the door, locking it, and dragging me to the garage. We entered my Blazer and drove off with the damn thing tilting its head at us as it shrunk into the distance.
I drove us into town where Ron demanded to be let off at his own house. I, meanwhile, went to Jared’s. I had seen the blogs, watched Marble Hornets. That Jared was actively using the symbol meant that he was also being hunted. So, I ended up at his home where I confronted him about it. He fessed up the instant I made him aware that the infection had gotten to me as well.
As if right on cue, I noticed it looking in one of Jared’s windows. I started to freak out, but my friend shook me and told me to sit down and that’s we play some cards. So we did, Magic the Gathering, to be exact. Before long, I calmed down and my right mind returned. Jared told me not to let it get to me or it was all over, like it was Sam.
After some time chatting, we went on up the attic where I prepared a spare cot for myself. We decided that since there were two of us, we’d take turns sleeping. I took the first watch after a coin flip turned up tails. Obviously, I called heads. There were no windows to speak of in Jared’s attic, and it never came up the stairs to. So I guess that the ‘above second story’ rule was working…for the moment.
The following day, things returned to normal. I went to work, got into my obligatory argument with m boss who wanted me to do things her way, instead of following company policy. I didn’t see it all day. However, when I got back to my own home that night, I pulled the curtains to all my windows shut, and put the (X) signs everywhere. Then I hopped online and made my own order of (X) marked clothes.
Then I took a sleeping bag and headed up the attic and where I slept fairly peacefully, until the nightmare.
I don’t know what to make of my nightmare, really. It seemed to be memory of childhood. One day, bunch of my schoolmates and myself were playing in the woods of a park. Hide and seek to be exact. Anyway, it started to get really foggy after a short time while I was trying to find a hiding spot. While running through the woods, I came across two rows of trees lining the perimeter of a ditch. Plastic bags filled with something bloody hung from most of the branches. From those bags, I heard the voices of children crying for their mothers from those trees. I turned to run only to come face to face with…it. It already had a crying child in its arms/tentacles/things as it stared down at me. We had our staring match a few seconds before this man suddenly erupted from the woods. He carried a piece of wood he had bent into a circle that had two crossing sticks in the middle. The two sticks crossed where covered in some blackish substance. He rum rushed it, wooden operator symbol first, and pressed the symbol to its body before it had a chance to retreat. It let out the most horrible banshee-like shrieking sound before vanishing. The man turned to the kid it was holding and myself, took us by our hands, and led us back to the moms.
I awoke with a start after that dream. I was still in the attic, I was well-rested, and no…it, in sight. I didn’t know what to make of what I just saw in my sleeping mind, but I had to know. So I called my mother, having decided to ask about any odd instances in which a weird man dressed in all skins and a raccoon skin hat (a regular Davey Crocket) guided another kid and myself out of the forest. Well, I got my answer in the form of the operator saying the number has been disconnected followed by a call from the police that my mother’s house had burned to the ground with her inside.
There was no body to identify, so I chose to think that she burned up the fire. Don’t tell me otherwise. I know. After surveying the burned home of my mother, I immediately went to the school I was attending at the time and age I would have been in the dream (in the dream, I was wearing a leather vest my mother bought, which I outgrew by age ten, so I know I had to be nine or under in the dream). I talked to the principal. I asked him about the incident and he directed me to the teacher I had at the time. She was able to confirm that a man who looked like something straight out of a Davey Crocket episode rescued another kid named Danny and myself after we ‘got lost’ in the woods. She gave me the location of the park and I was off again.
Alright, so what we have here is a mysterious man who dresses like an old time American frontier explorer who wielded a wooden (X) sign that both drove it off and made it surrender a hostage.
Well, I didn’t make it to the park before funeral responsibilities called off my attempts to investigate and avenge. A week later we had the funeral. Family members from all around came and paid my mother her respects. Sam, missing. Mother, gone. I’ve never felt so alone and empty.
Seriously, what the hell? Why her? She never watched or read any of this stuff. This thing needs to die.
Before long, I reconvened with Ron and Jared and I discussed the dream and the confirmed reality of it with them. The first thing we did was try to contact Danny. He was already missing for about a week when we figured out where and how to contact him. Alright, so the only two other people who it had access to before I could get to them were out of the picture. I have a feeling I was only able to get ahold of that teacher because it was both in the middle of the day and she was in a public facility. But it was enough. The disappearance of Danny, the death of my mother, and the confirmation from that teacher were enough to show that my dream was onto something.
We entered the park and it was almost exactly the same as it was my dream other than a few changes. One of the changes was a plaque in remembrance of the children that disappeared here during the 1990s, the timeframe in which I encountered it. Yeah, it was pretty much a sure thing that my dream was actually a repressed memory. That said, I had other odd dreams, but none of them led any. Only thus first one I had. So I led the way into what had to be the most suicidally stupid thing any of us had ever done: enter the woods while being stalked by it. Hey, we didn’t have any other leads and by the time we got around to doing this, it was already mid April and it had already figured its way past our little trick of sleeping in the attic. Found the damn thing standing over me when I happened to wake shortly before this.
Now, I don’t know why I had this dream. Perhaps it was just a repressed memory coming to the surface. Perhaps God was throwing me a bone and He freed for the memory for me. I hope for the latter. I led the best I could through the woods until we reached the ditch surrounded by trees. The bags were gone, and another plaque stood nearby where a trail had been forged to that spot in more recent times. I don’t even want to know what had to be going through the minds of the cops and CSInvestators who opened those bags after claiming them from the trees. I spotted the underbrush the man who burst through in my dream and we went through it, not really knowing where we were going. Its good thing Jared came with us, because he’s also a nature freak. He spotted an animal trail and led us to the pond next to a huge bluff. The forest was too dense to walk through outside of the trail and the bluff, so we opted to go upwards. After a bit, Jared found us another anima trail, this one eventually leading to a more woods. It was getting late, and we were not willing to be in those woods at night. Fortunately, Ron was writing down everywhere we went and we were to just turn tail and leave before it got too dark. For the next weeks, we could continue to try to track down whoever it was that I saw in my dream.
At the time I remember thinking that even if we did find him, would he really be able to help us?
Come April… Time after next, I’ll post what we were up to in llate April and May when Jared finally hit the road. Next post will actually be whatever I found in Sam’s notebooks.


Greetings, bloggers and fellow stalked,
I am Drew L., and I am like any other person being stalked by that tall menace. On this blog I will record m various encounters with the tall bastard and render any information that I can offer about Him if it will at all help the cause of Zeke Strahm, M, Jay, Robert(Sage), Shaun, and others. I don’t know how much help I can be, but I will give everything that I can to be of use to you.
My tale starts shortly before Halloween ’09. My friends and I had been watching Marble Hornets and had seen the Something Awful thread. The first of us to become infected and to start to see him was my friend, Samuel Maguire. He lived on his own in the woods in a trailer. He owned two hunting dogs named Lady and Duke. Both of whom are gone, and it is there that our tale begins.
On the Oct. 9th, 2009, Sam had reported to me that his dogs were acting strange. Like something had them spooked. They ran around, barking and whining, peeing themselves. The works. Then the next day they disappeared and Sam sent out an add in the local newspaper for anyone to keep an eye out for them. Then the following day, they showed up again…dead. Along with the corpses of several other animals. On Oct. 11th, 2009, Samuel Maguire’s front lawn was littered with the carcasses of about 37 animals that were mutilated almost beyond recognition.
He called the cops, who responded, and started a small scale investigation as it was obviously not an animal that did this. I helped Sam bury his two beloved pets out back of the house and stayed the night on his couch. It was then that everything went nuts. Sam awakened from the terrible dream to find the thin bastard staring in at Him so he grabbed his gun and flashlight and rushed out the door faster than I thought someone corpulent like him could. I put on my shoes and went after Sam as he pursued a foe I could not see (yet). Sam followed by me rounded a corner when I somehow lost sight of him only to find him again a few minutes later. I think that Sam was “moved” as he was disoriented and almost put a bullet in me.
At the time, I thought that my friend was starting to go insane and even considered that he had killed the animals himself. As such, I reported his behavior to the police the following day and they included questions about his actions in their questionnaire for when they went back to his house.
I wasn’t present for their revisit to Sam’s house on the 13th, but apparently it was already tormenting him and working with surprisingly quick advance to ensnare my friend where as other victims were driven insane over a long period of time. Sam hadn’t slept the following night after our little escapade into the woods and was keeping a written log of his encounters with the bastard and made the unwise choice of telling the police everything.
Take a wild guess how well “the Slender Man from those ARGs and blogs is stalking me” went over with the police. About as well as it did with Zeke Strahm early in his blog. You remember.
As time went on, Sam began to act more aggressive and violent when he was one as harmless and laid back as they came. This went on for about a month until Nov. 17th, when Ron, another friend who watched the read the SM mythos and has since then also become infected, and myself visited Sam to find his house sealed shut and with the operator symbol carved into the sides along with some really disturbing writings.
We knocked and had to wait a whole five minutes as Sam undid all the bindings that held his door shut. He had whole notebook of drawings and writings and operator symbols. He insisted that he’d set up the symbol and boarded up his little home (yes, the windows were boarded up) to keep it out. We tried to get him to get out of the trailer, but Sam wouldn’t have any of it and chased us out with an ax and then shut himself back up. Ron and I called the cops. Given how they already thought he was nuts, they responded quickly and decided to enforce psychological examination on him once they say what he’d done with his trailer.
Then on the 18th, I was eating breakfast when I received a phone call from Sam. It went something like this.
Me: Hello?
Sam: HE’s HERE! He got in and he’s after me! Help! I don’t wanna die I don’t wan-(cut off).
I called the police and rushed over as quickly as a could. They beat me there and had already forced his front door open by the time I arrived. His house was sealed from the inside, yet Sam was somehow gone. That was the time I ever saw him.
I have to ask you fellow stalked, how long does it take before someone loses their mind and disappears, usually. Sam lost it and disappeared in just a month. Is that normal as far as it stalked us is concerned?
Anyway, after going through all his stuff as evidence, the cops turned his belongings over to me at my request. I will post what I find in his notebooks in future uploads. Perhaps in the brief time that it was messing with him, my friend managed to uncover something. Doubtful, I know, but at this point, I'm desparate.

By the way, I started seeing it in March. I have managed to survive thus far by following M's rules. It pains me, though.