Sunday, June 12, 2011

Final Epitaph. -The Messenger

After this update, there will be no further posts on the blogs surrounding the story of Ron Foster or any of the other parties involved in the Boston incident (Ron, Pete, Clarice, Blake, Lone Hunter).
This is the story of how all the rest followed suit into the next world. Yesterday, I received this information via a letter from Pete/Jack, which they wrote as a final testament.
I choose to post this on this blog, as this one seems to have the most followers.

The passing of Ron Foster was hard on both Pete and Clarice, but they both decided to soldier on in the war against It.

Things were going well for them as they prepared what would be their final experiment by buying a houseboat to test the theory that It cannot cross large bodies of water to get at victims. Pete was never able to remember what went wrong, but when he regained consciousness the following morning, he was no longer Pete, he was Jack Ellison, his previous identity.
Jack remembered nothing of ever being Pete, because he never was Pete. Pete is a separate personality placed within the vessel by The Black King and acted as the soul while Jack slept, but then the original person awakened.

Pete also returned to consciousness a while later and the two personalities agreed to work together find the missing Clarice. She had been taken hostage by The Lone Hunter, who used her as bait for both Blake "Black Leaf" Fletcher and Pete and Jack.
Blake was just barely able to use the Path of Black Leaves to travel to Fort Madison to meet them. They worked together to find and rescue their damsel from the clutches of It's attack dog, and they almost succeeded. Blake and The Lone Hunter killed each other in the battle while Pete/Jack carried the broken form of Clarice to safety, but she was too far gone to save. They buried her in an unmarked grave somewhere in the Iowan countryside.

Quoted directly from the last passage of Pete/Jack's letter: "We leave this to you, Messenger. We are both a life ruined by It and a creation of It also ruined by It. There is nothing left for us now. For I, Jack, have lost my family, my friends, and my love. For I, Pete, I have lost the only friends I ever had in this short life I led.
However, neither of us in this vessel will go quietly. The Slender Man and his ilk are coming for us both tonight. We go to make our last stand. Fairwell to all."

There you have it. I don't exactly condone revenge, but when you have been left with nothing but your misery and the madness of two minds in one vessel, I can understand.

Clarice was a brave woman who sought to help those around her, and did so to the best of her abilities right to the very end. She offered shelter and moral support to any in need.

Both Pete and Jack were heroic men. Jack spearheaded an campaign against the tall menace that got quite far before the inevitable failure. Pete, His Other, was also a hero. Experimenting and learning about his enemy, plunging into dark netherworlds with allies to rescue a friend, and never gave up the fight no matter how hard things got, but eventually succumbed to the immense power of his Creator and Enemy, like many before him.

Blake, a troubled man who served his Black King unwillingly, eventually came to his senses and helped free Ron and gave wisdom to others while leading The Lone Hunter on a long chase to keep his other victims safe. He faced down his mortal tormenter and dealt him a fatal blow at the cost of his own life.

Bruce "The Lone Hunter" Smith. A sociopathic killer at the beckon call of the Beast. Driven by a thirst for blood and revenge for his brother, Al(x)ne. He hunted Blake across New England and the Midwest before the two finally met and killed one other in that final battle. Good riddance.

To the rest, here's to yet more young people taken long before their time in a war that should not be. Clarice Wood, Jack Ellison, Pete, and Blake Andrew Fletcher, I pray that you all rest in peace and that you all be reunited with your friends, Ron Foster and Clyde Ross, and your family members lost in the next life.

With all parties involved dead, none of the blogs surrounding this tale can go any further. So once again, people, move along. Nothing more to see here.

-Don't Shoot The Messenger-

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