Sunday, February 20, 2011

My whereabouts at 10:00-AM-12:00PM/11:58 AM-1:39PM, Feb. 19th.

Slice tells all here:

Well, shit. Not much else I can say. I know for a fact I was in my hotel room at 10:00 AM to 11:58 AM, working on compiling information, watching TV, and reading. In my comment on Slice's post, I explain how.

Yeah, I didn't mention this before, but as a precaution, I have a notebook that I've been filling with confirmed times I'm awake and....well, awake. I have the thing filled in up to 11:30AM, Feb. 19th. I was about to fill in the noon hour when things got weird and events in the link happened. This is too weird. There's always been the theory that stick can send folks through time and space. Hell, Zeke Strahm spoke of it in his post where he organized and posted the data sent to him by his readers. It has never been confirmed, until now.

Well, Black Leaf wasn't kidding. He said "noonish" and I was both abducted from my room far from Charleston around that time while I was across town in Charleston trying to get at him through his cronies.

Thank you for being a real trooper about all this, Slice. If nothing else, this confirms another thing our enemy is capable of.

So, Charleston, eh? The black leaf has dwelling there, then? It's no secret that we were meant to either die there or have our memories wiped of the event, but this is good. The enemy plays his hand and exposes where I have to search. Or does it lay a trap by allowing Slice's memory of the events unaltered? I may be the one being baited here.

@Pete: Good idea. I'll check in with Reach to ask about becoming a Revenant. Having the mark implanted in me could very well be a similar procedure and it's worth checking out.

Alright, first things first. At the moment, I'm operating under the Unspoken Plan Guarantee. There's something I need to do, then I can talk about Charleston with you, Slice. I will return.

EDIT: I have had another encounter with BL during "the hunt". I'll also talk about that another time.


  1. Wise. Keep quiet. Keep trying. Trust in others, but not yourself. Not until The Mark is sundered.

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  3. Typing clearly for once, I see. I hear that. Yeah, I've been fixed real good. Well, this is what I get for being careless back in December. stick must have really taken offense to anyone testing his power.