Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Went Back, No Cops

I just got back from the Inn and found the place completely CSI-free. Sam's body was removed and the blood was cleaned up. Nevertheless, I packed up the rest of my stuff, then turned in my room key when I checked out, and I'm finding other lodgings elsewhere in the city.

EDIT: I'm still pretty shaken up about Sam. Now I know how Drew must have felt when he put Stephanie out of her misery. It's like a part of me died. Sam, I'm so, so sorry.


  1. RON. Look I think Slice has lost his memories. Check Live In The Light.

  2. I know. Thank, man. I went over to see as soon as I saw your comment. Geeze... Well, I hope he can be happy now. He's better off than any of us right now.
    It looks like the fight against Slender Man just lost another trooper, but at least he's still alive.

  3. Then it is obvious that Black Leaf has influence over that hotel. You are right in fleeing it for good.