Saturday, April 9, 2011

Update on Experiment and Attempted Self-Treatment.

The Experiment: Pete and Clarice looking dead on their feet. Apparently, Slendercreep gave them more trouble, but the point is the symbol only barely worked. They said they'd post the details later.

Self-Treatment: Going on Maduin's theory of Negative and Positive feelings directly effecting how Slender Man can impact a person and Robert apparently driving Him back using the power of rock gave me an idea.
Well, I went to YouTube and listened to music for a while to try to lessen His hold. I picked favorites or songs I otherwise have a strong connection to, and watched some Nostalgia Critic (his Care Bears Movie episode, specifically) and I'm feeling the effects. Positivity can temperarily shove Him out. I've still got the slendersickness, but I can't feel Him or "hear" Him in my head anymore.
I've bought myself some time, so I'm going to put my headphones on and listen to a selection of stuff I've burned off onto CD while I sleep. If Care Bears Countdown doesn't keep a slender-dream away, I don't know what will.

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