Saturday, February 19, 2011


In light of recent events, the time to put a lot of thought into where lay down whatever piece I can onto the board and then move it into the squares. If you've kept up on Thage's blog, Peering In From The Outside, you can see all the roles everyone on both sides plays. I'm labeled with "Everyone Else", which means "Pawn". Well, I'm someone's pawn, anyway, but it seems like I'm stuck in the same square. I'd love to be a White Pawn, but a cetain thingy that's been implanted in me has to go before I can help anyone.

Noted methods of weathering stick's influence: M's Three Rules:
1. Get up high. Higher than the second story.
2. Keep moving. You can stay in one area for maybe, a month, but then it's time to Amtrak your ass out.
3. Keep your eyes open. It keeps stick moving at the speed of man.
Known methods of fending him off: electricity.
For the common Runner, these have been shown to work. The important thing to do is that, in spite, of slim's influence in your life is to make sure that you have a life and enjoy it, nevertheless.

Methods can will work for someone who has been "Marked":
1. Get up high: Nullified. If anyone else out there has been "marked", then slim can take you over no matter what elevation you're at and he doesn't even have to be there.
2. Keep Moving: You'll be trapped on whatever "hunting grounds" have been designated until you can remove it..
3. Keep your eyes open: That still works.
Electricity: I haven't tried to protect myself using electricity and don't know about going about that. I intend to, though.

The "Mark" and it's abilities":
1. It keeps me from escaping Boston, Mass.
2. It can drag you from wherever you are and put you where it pleases.
3. It can shift you onto a different plain, or onto a different part of a plain to render you incapable of perceiving other denizens and they you.
4. It enables stick to take you over and remove memories even from afar and when you're as high up as the fourth floor. Or was that the chanting the I heard that did that?
Known Weaknesses and Repellants: None.
Known Controller of the Mark: stick and/or Black Leaf/whatever puppet stick's ordered to torment you.
Solution: I don't even have a hypothesis yet.

Plan of Actiion: Get rid of "the mark". It's becoming abundantly clear that it's the only way I'm ever getting out of Boston without the construct's consent. I'm through dancing to your tune, stick. Then, after that, I might be able to find out why Jared dropped off the map.

Closing Notes:
To Slice: I, I need to ask a few questions of you. Please, tell me everything that happened when we met up. Where we met. How we met. How I behaved. When exactly my behavior changed from "new companion" to "psycho trying to kill you." I need to know everything. Please.

To Ava and Reach: Good luck out there, you know. I wish you both the best in rescuing Robert. Even if he never plays the important role he once did, it's only right that he be saved.

To Liam and Yggdrasil: If you've read this far, you know I didn't hurt Slice that badly. Were either of you attacked by a guy wearing blue jeans, a red Cardinals shirt, and a black and brown leather jacket? If so, that was me, and I'm truly, very sorry.

To M: Please be safe wherever you are.

To Scott: Keep on cataloguing! ...That just doesn't quite have the same ring as "Keep on Truckin'".

To Pete: You stay safe, too.

To Thage: Thanks for the knowledge.

To Will and Bianca: Stay safe, you two.

To Black Leaf: Fuck you.

To (X): Fuck you, too.


  1. That Reach fellow once spoke of something being placed inside him that turned him into a Revenant, has told redlight that he can be saved and the object removed. Perhaps the methodologies are the same.

  2. No. We haven't. But hey, I'll gather Slice and you up so we can kick some ass. - Liam, NAPPA.