Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Unlucky yet fortunate.

Well, I tried to get new lodgings for the night, but none were available, even in the cheap, ghetto hotel I tried to book. I was exiting said stinking hell hole when the damnedest thing happened. I stepped out and this guy bumped right in to me. He stuffed something into my hand before vanishing into the shadows.
It's a small box that fits in the palm of my hand wrapped in brown paper. On the bottom it says: "Go somewhere public before opening this. -C"

So I did. I'm looking at the contents right now. A note, and two other objects. Shocker of shocks, the note was an anagram, but below it in very clear English was "Do not post the anagram online, don't type out the solved message on your blog, and don't tell what the other two objects are until tomorrow". So I solved it myself, figuring that "C"erberus probably just doesn't want Al(x)ne or Black Leal solving it before I did and then countering me.

Long story short, it looks like that "Hellhound" has saved my ass for a night or two. I'll post what the other contents of the bag were and give you guys the Layman's Terms of the solved message tomorrow.

On a final note:
DAMN IT! I had a close encounter with him after trying to get him to meet up with me and it didn't dawn on me until he was long out of sight! Why, God, why?!

In other news, from what I've heard of about Al(x)ne, who has taken over supervising Boston and the "hunt", it sounds he's really bad news far worse than Black Leaf ever was. Oh, perfect.

Well, wish me luck.


  1. Good luck and fairfallen, my friend.

    ((Haha, made an AiW reference!))

  2. Yes, be careful, even if Cerberus is helping you. His main objective is Clarice. Saving you is a just means of revenge against the construct for having her obducted. I doubt he will truly be willing to go the same lengths for you that Slice was.

  3. I think I just may take the roof advise, myself, once the Master gets wind of this.

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  5. What's all this? Is Al(x)ne basically taking it full in the ass from Slender Man right now? :p