Monday, February 28, 2011

not safe

it's not safe here anywhere or was it ever?

I returned home tocheck to see if Slice is back yte but before i could someone entered my hotel room and attacked me

I killed him hes dead on the floor

oh God

It's Sam. Our friend who Drew spoke of when this blog first began. the one who first infected and broken its him its him its him! i Removed the mask from the dead proxy and it was him! I killed with drew's knife!

I'm packing up and getting out of here. why did this happen oh Sam i'm sorry


  1. Oh no. I'm so sorry, Ron. Where will you go? Ron, don't do anything rash.

  2. We warned you. We warned you that if you any activities outside of weathering the Hunt continued that you would be punished. I even sent forward warning on my own blog, but you were too caught in searching for your new friend that you never saw this coming. The next time, it could be Josh or Jared, perhaps. Or maybe your pretty little ex-fiancé.

    Our noose around your neck is tight and the web it connects to streteches to many places. Just try us, boy. Just try us.