Wednesday, April 20, 2011

This is it. Make no mistake. My story ends here.

...If this was ever my story at all.

Forgive me earlier irate mood. I was just angry that you two stopped me from saving the people I might potentially hurt. Why did you do it? He's taking over! Can't you see that?! He's in too deep in me for me to lose him by Running or getting up high. No matter what I've tried He remains strong in me. I'm starting to lose control. I...

I almost strangled a Runner I ran into because He wanted to! My hands... They were around his neck... I almost squeezed, but my hesitation gave him ample time to kick me off and run for it. He didn't make it, because slim decided to do His own dirty work after that.

Anyway, I hold no grudge against you or Clarice. You guys are the greatest. You saved me even though you owe me nothing that can't later be taken again by Him. I'm sorry I have to do this now. He's calling to me from the base of this building I'm on the roof of. Well, if He wants me to go down to Him, so be it. I'll go down. In a minute, I'm going to step off of the side of this multistory building and that will be the end of the threat I now pose to anyone unfortunate enough to meet me.

Goodbye, everyone. I cherish you all, which is why I can't stand the thought of harming any of you if that...that thing is allowed to take me over. See you all in the next life. Ado.


  1. What? No! Don't do it, Ron! Stop at once!. Oh, I've got to get Pete!

  2. Well that is disappointing. But do not worry Ronny boy. I am sure the others will be joining you in hell very soon.

  3. If nothing else, he's permanently beyond your reach now, Star.

  4. Ron...... Nooooo. NO. NO NO NO NO MOTHERFUCKING NO.