Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Damn it...

This whole situation with Fizz being forced to do stick's doing and Zero going mental both just piss me off. What's worse is that Zero actually had the nerve to mock the rest of us and call us a joke. He even mocked our plans for not working (yeah, and his worked so well. Sorry, but you only get to have a superior attitude if you did better than any of us).  Look, asshole, I put my faith in you, Zero, and even worked up enough guts to go tangle with Slender Man after the Solstice to verify that your plan worked, and it's gotten me into heaps of trouble since. It was reckless of me, but I trusted you, and hell in Boston and risk of being butchered by you is what I get. Words cannot describe how disappointed I am. I will never trust you again, Zero. Ever.

 Damn it. Why? What's worse is that I'm an unreliable timebomb. It has proven It can taken me over anytime it wishes to try to kill Pete. Right now I'm wondering why I haven't left them. I'm a liability.

No, I know why. I'm scared. I'm afraid of what will happen if I go off by myself than if something happens if I'm with Pete and Clarice.

I'm sick of this. I'm sick of Slendershit. I'm sick of being chased everywhere I go. I'm sick of looking over my shoulder. I wanna go home. If helping Pete to conduct further experiments and research Slender Man can free us all, then I'll do it. I'll do it for Slice, who I befriended, but am robbed of any memory of. I'll do it for Clyde, BL, Core, Liam, Johnny, all of you, and... me.

I want It dead. Dead and gone. Unlike Zero"sage", though, I'm not going to gut Runners and Proxies over it. I might have to kill a proxy in self-defense, but I'll take no more pleasure in killing an unwilling slave who was coerced into service.

Your days of numbered, Slender Man. Someday. Somehow, we will get you back for everything you've done to us. I swear it.

EDIT: As you can tell, I had some steam to blow off, but damn I am angry right now.


  1. I will monitor your situation closely.
    If necessary, I will come to your aid.

  2. Ron's been very shaken ever since he last checked The Last Refuge of a Dangerous Man.

  3. Someday this will all be over. We're all here for you, and together we can kick butt. It'll all work out okay.

  4. @ Mouse: Then it'll start right back up.