Monday, February 21, 2011

Sharing Theories About Boston:

Well, I managed to make it to the Dunkin Donuts AND did it on this plain of existance. I saw Slice for the first time in person while not being controlled by stick. Here, I'm going to share with you what I shared with him.

In Dec. of 2010 both in my entry where I compare slimjim to Sin from Final Fantasy X and before, I suggested that the construct has been in Boston for a long, long time. Well, the bugger has had anywhere from when it was first founded to now to start haunting it. Zero thought the theory impossible, since it was thought that the construct didn't officially exist until Something Aweful made him up at that time. Well, What You Are In The Dark Zeke's blogs Seeking Truth and The Mystic, H(a)unting and Peering in from the Outside have shown us otherwise. While I can see Zero being suspicious of Reach and finding H(a)unting a bit hard to swallow, Zeke and Thage are certainly far more reliable sources.

I'm not saying that it has been here in this town for all that time. I'm just saying it could have arrived at any point. I may look to Thage for some insight on that.
As stated before, there are actually quite a few people who here who can see It, and they seemed to even have a town meeting about it (also in the entry about FFX in the comments section). I was curious and wanted to find out just how entrenched this place is, but N and various other bloggers told me to get out, so I did.
Well, sense it seems I'm stuck here, anyway, I might as well figure out why one of old America's oldest cities is so haunted. Black Leaf is never going to leave me alone. Immediately after I parted ways with Slice, I was chased...again. If nothing else, I'm going to back in shape real quick if this keeps up.
Point is, unless I get answers, I'm never going to rid myself of "The Mark", which holds me here. This is where I have to thank Slice the most profusely. Just about every significant location in this town is olde enough to be 'the hive', so to speak. Thanks to Slice and his blog, I do believe the location of stick's hold over this town has been found: in Charleston. Before, I'd have to just start a tactical grid search of the entire city. Now the playing field has been narrowed to one place.

I'll have the information I've compiled and the contents of the stuff I found posted on here tomorrow.

You know, I once ran into another Runner named Robbie coming here the first time. I wonder whatever happened to him. I hope he's okay, and I hope I never find out otherwise.

On related notes (this is all based around stick, after all), I would like to offer up my emotional support for Ava, her mother, Robert, Reach, and Good Girl right now. It looks like that bastard redlight laid a clever trap and won this round by making off with Ava. Now he's pulling back forces from all over to let us have a turn on the board. The results can be read on White Elephants, The London Librarian, and What You Are In The Dark.
Will and Bianca are near to it all happened, but the former is temperarily out of commission. It's not looking good for Ava or Robert right now. You keep on fighting, Reach. For now, you're all they have and you can't give up.

M is still missing, but Cerberus left some hope. Apparently, M has been ensnared by the enemy in Chicago and needs help. Chicago's my town. I'm coming for him as soon as I'm free, but one thing at a time.

Zeke Strahm is following a clue that just might confirm the events of Dreams of Darkness as true. Go get 'er, tiger.

And lastly, Black Leaf is still a dickhole.


  1. It was good to see you man.

    You've got your mission and Hell, Im in college. I can't stay in Boston forever.

    We need to bust you outta here.

  2. Oh yeah. As soon as I can get out of here, the sooner I can Amtrak mysefl back to Chicago and find M. The Tutorial will not end with a whimper, but a bang!