Thursday, April 21, 2011

We lost him

We just found out this morning. He did... He did leap off that building. We just identified the body. Ron Foster is no more. I can't talk about this now.

This is is the last post that will ever grace this blog. Clarice and I will leave this up for his sake, but we will only be commenting on our own blogs from now on. Rest in peace, Ron. I don't begrudge you this decision. You died on your own terms, and the beast did not reclaim you.

Goodbye, my friend.


  1. WHY!? Why couldn't you just come back to us? It didn't have to be this way. Ron. Oh my goodness. I...what the fuck?

  2. A great man i mourn him he was my friend

  3. HAHAHAHA OH Happy DAYS. That is one less Runner to be concerned about now. Lone Hunter will deal with the rest of you in due time.

  4. Let's just ignore Morningstar...

    I'm so SO sorry.

    ~ Branwen