Thursday, February 24, 2011

The Madness of Wonderland and Out the Other Side of the Rabbit Hole

I met up with Slice and we ate Breakfast. He posted on his blog from home. I've set mine on a schedule and left it back in the hotel.
A bit later we arrived at Bunker Hill and did a thorough search of the site. Nothing was out of the ordinary, except for maybe a few Haunted.
Around 11:00 AM we expanded the search to the areas surrounding the Hill, starting West and heading counterclockwise.
Eventually we hit paydirt after a lot of patience. Just Northeast of the Hill, he found a delapidated house covered in spray paint operator symbols. Slice and I didn't know what to expect going in, but we were ready for anything. The front door was locked, but it was as rotted as all hell, so it was easy to force open. We explored the ruined interior. For the most part we found nothing on the first floor. Just a some pieces of paper with Slender Man's image drawn on, as well as several inane writings, and operators symbols on a coffe table in the living room. Heavy signs of Haunting.
After finding nothing downstairs, we headed to the second floor. There, we had a bit of trouble. The owner of the house still lives there. At first, we thought he was a proxy, or an agent when he strang out of a closet to attack us. Slice caught his attack and I tackled him to the ground. Amongst his yelling and screaming, "You'll never take me alive! I won't go with the Skiiny Demon! I won't! Please, let me go," it became clear that he was a Haunted, not an Indoctrinated.
After several minutes of trying to calm the man down, we learned that he'd started seeing Him about four months ago after watching an episode of TribeTwelve. He said it didn't start off to bad. In the first two months it was just sightings and getting Moved once. Fairly mild stuff. Then on the third month he received a live invitation to join Slender Man from some of his followers, which he declined. After, he said things took a turn for the worse. By the time Slice and I found him, he was already half mad. When we tried to give him advice he shooed us from the house. Thankfully, he told us where he'd seen some of the recruiting for new agents and proxies going on at Bartlett St.
So we went there, leaving the man to his own devices (hey, he wouldn't let us help him).
As for Bartlett St.... Well, we didn't catch any proxies red-handed, but we did have a close encounter with the Slender Man in an alleyway we inspecting.
Slice pulled out his trusty liquid LSD which he splashed on Slender Man. Then we both made a run for it. We made for a fire exit and scaled it all the way to the roof. Slender Man stuck to the building like a wolf that had some prey up a tree.
Eventually, He backed and we fled for a crowded street. We had just made to the crowd when I looked behind us and there He was, about six feet from us. I don't know if we just barely made it or if he was screwing with us to prove that we're puppets dancing at his strings, but here we are.
Slice and I went our separates ways for the day. I have a very strong feeling that I'd be in the middle of Lost Time with his liquid LSD. Thanks for buying us both a little time and thanks for the help, Slice. Ron out. I'm back to eat that bistro, if you want to come along.
Tomorrow....well, we'll just about tomorrow.

@ All: Stay safe and stay strong, guys. We can win this war. We have to believe that, no matter what. Belief that we will weather the storm just might be the key. We willed His skinny ass here, and we'll send Him back to whatever Hell from whence He came.

Peace out,

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