Saturday, February 26, 2011


i... I jusT got separated from Slice. We were searchin a a site for answers when... Oh God! He appeared. He and his servants. Lost, they were everywhere, and...Him. I....
I blinked, and I was suddenly back in my hotel room. no lost time or anythin He just sent me away now slice is alone against Him I'm going back to the site to find slice. oh God please be alrigth


  1. Ron, are you still there? Are you alright? Talk to us. What happened?

  2. Forgive this double post, but I have spread the world and asked for aid. I don't know if that will do anything for Slice, though.

  3. And it looks like no one even had a "I hope you find him" message to add. Well, if anyone cares, I've been over Boston and to hell and back looking for Slice. Good night.