Wednesday, February 16, 2011

What is this shit!?

I just got done looking though m pack after recognizing that Boston landmark, and I found Drew's knife! THis is DreW's knife, man. It's still got his full engraved on it? What the fuck! What the fuck! I don't care how, I'm getting out of here, people! I can't take this! Drew was hallowed out month's ago! What am I doing with his knife?! Why is there dried blood on it?! That's not all. There's a wooden operator symbol in my bag. Two sticks make up the cross and some bent and tangled dry vines make up the circle. I also have a piece of paper just that says "Regard". What?!

Well, regards for right now, folks. If you read my old entries, you'll know this town is spook central for wHatever reason. So I'm hitting the road. Don't know when I'll update again, but I will. Someone please comment. Let me you're still here. That someone cares. God, just help me. Please.


  1. Come to see me, and I will supply you, young one, with your answer.

  2. .............

    Well bang goes that Theory that you were FREAKING DEAD.

    Oh sweetheart, I have no idea where you are and I doubt that you, I.

    I'll notify all the people I can though.

    You aren't alone. But....masky probably isn't the best deal here.

    And Black Leaf, I swear to god, if you call me The Mistress again, I may hit you.

  3. The hell? So I've been cut loose from wherever the hell I was for the construct's sport?! Oh, go to hell, Black Leaves. If you're just a servant of it, then you can be hurt like any other servant of slim.

    And thank you, Ava, it's nice to know I have at least one friend right now.

  4. Ron!

    If you need a place to get your bearings, come out to western MA. If you are interested, I'll give you an email, you can rest up and stuff.