Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Hail and Well Met, Prey of the Master

 I, your humble guest host, Black Leaf, welcomes you. Don't worry about Little Prey. He rests uneasily in his hospital bed, as I, his loyal friend, sits by his bedside. He will be released later this day and the hunt can resume with little delay.

I do hope he won't mind that I momentarily use his computer, but it is his own fault for giving up its passwords during his time under our tender and loving care. I also hope he likes the flowers and card I've left him.

On to business, Little Prey is a Marked man. What that means for Ronald Foster is the "Third Floor or Higher Rule" no longer applies to him. He can also be snatched from wherever he is no matter where he goes at any time and sent to designated locations as the Master pleases. Even if Slice comes to save Little Prey, he will be carted away to another Hunting Ground. The Hunt will continue, even if Liam downs me. Another will take my place. Alas, the Mark wasn't perfected before today, hence the Master's direct actions at the station.

If you want to truly save Little Prey, know the answer to that one. The Mark and The Hunt will cease if the Master is defeated. Best of luck with that.

Ado. Little Prey stirs.


  1. What do you intend to do with him now that he is waking up?

  2. Nothing. I'm just watching the fun from afar.

  3. What. The. Hell?! You were looming over me the whole time I slept?! Well, I got news for you, asshole! I changed all my passwords again, so good luck invading my computer again!

  4. I'm going to fucking rip you limb from limb then find some cannibal and feed them the pieces after jamming your arms into my back you annoying little pedophile, then Ron won't have to be bothered.

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