Sunday, November 28, 2010

Ron here: Drew is gone.

I just received a call from Jared. He went to Drew's house (the ancestral one he got from his grandarents) and found it ramsacked. The front door was busted in and looked like a tornado had run through it according to him. Then It descended Drew's staircase and Jared fled the property by car but not after a chase in which Jared stated, in these eact words: "I flattened him, then backed over him again and again and again." Stick was still alright.

Alright, this shit is serious now. Damn Him! Damn Him to hell! Damn the fucking monster! I haet HIm for what he s done to us1 First he kills our hallows our friends one by one then forces us from our homes ruining our lives and it never fukcing stops! I'll kill him! I'll kii killyouall
What the shit was that?! I didn't type that, did I? Oh man, this is messed up. I'm out of here. I'm hitting the next bus out of here. See you all later.

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