Friday, November 19, 2010


Greetings, bloggers and fellow stalked,
I am Drew L., and I am like any other person being stalked by that tall menace. On this blog I will record m various encounters with the tall bastard and render any information that I can offer about Him if it will at all help the cause of Zeke Strahm, M, Jay, Robert(Sage), Shaun, and others. I don’t know how much help I can be, but I will give everything that I can to be of use to you.
My tale starts shortly before Halloween ’09. My friends and I had been watching Marble Hornets and had seen the Something Awful thread. The first of us to become infected and to start to see him was my friend, Samuel Maguire. He lived on his own in the woods in a trailer. He owned two hunting dogs named Lady and Duke. Both of whom are gone, and it is there that our tale begins.
On the Oct. 9th, 2009, Sam had reported to me that his dogs were acting strange. Like something had them spooked. They ran around, barking and whining, peeing themselves. The works. Then the next day they disappeared and Sam sent out an add in the local newspaper for anyone to keep an eye out for them. Then the following day, they showed up again…dead. Along with the corpses of several other animals. On Oct. 11th, 2009, Samuel Maguire’s front lawn was littered with the carcasses of about 37 animals that were mutilated almost beyond recognition.
He called the cops, who responded, and started a small scale investigation as it was obviously not an animal that did this. I helped Sam bury his two beloved pets out back of the house and stayed the night on his couch. It was then that everything went nuts. Sam awakened from the terrible dream to find the thin bastard staring in at Him so he grabbed his gun and flashlight and rushed out the door faster than I thought someone corpulent like him could. I put on my shoes and went after Sam as he pursued a foe I could not see (yet). Sam followed by me rounded a corner when I somehow lost sight of him only to find him again a few minutes later. I think that Sam was “moved” as he was disoriented and almost put a bullet in me.
At the time, I thought that my friend was starting to go insane and even considered that he had killed the animals himself. As such, I reported his behavior to the police the following day and they included questions about his actions in their questionnaire for when they went back to his house.
I wasn’t present for their revisit to Sam’s house on the 13th, but apparently it was already tormenting him and working with surprisingly quick advance to ensnare my friend where as other victims were driven insane over a long period of time. Sam hadn’t slept the following night after our little escapade into the woods and was keeping a written log of his encounters with the bastard and made the unwise choice of telling the police everything.
Take a wild guess how well “the Slender Man from those ARGs and blogs is stalking me” went over with the police. About as well as it did with Zeke Strahm early in his blog. You remember.
As time went on, Sam began to act more aggressive and violent when he was one as harmless and laid back as they came. This went on for about a month until Nov. 17th, when Ron, another friend who watched the read the SM mythos and has since then also become infected, and myself visited Sam to find his house sealed shut and with the operator symbol carved into the sides along with some really disturbing writings.
We knocked and had to wait a whole five minutes as Sam undid all the bindings that held his door shut. He had whole notebook of drawings and writings and operator symbols. He insisted that he’d set up the symbol and boarded up his little home (yes, the windows were boarded up) to keep it out. We tried to get him to get out of the trailer, but Sam wouldn’t have any of it and chased us out with an ax and then shut himself back up. Ron and I called the cops. Given how they already thought he was nuts, they responded quickly and decided to enforce psychological examination on him once they say what he’d done with his trailer.
Then on the 18th, I was eating breakfast when I received a phone call from Sam. It went something like this.
Me: Hello?
Sam: HE’s HERE! He got in and he’s after me! Help! I don’t wanna die I don’t wan-(cut off).
I called the police and rushed over as quickly as a could. They beat me there and had already forced his front door open by the time I arrived. His house was sealed from the inside, yet Sam was somehow gone. That was the time I ever saw him.
I have to ask you fellow stalked, how long does it take before someone loses their mind and disappears, usually. Sam lost it and disappeared in just a month. Is that normal as far as it stalked us is concerned?
Anyway, after going through all his stuff as evidence, the cops turned his belongings over to me at my request. I will post what I find in his notebooks in future uploads. Perhaps in the brief time that it was messing with him, my friend managed to uncover something. Doubtful, I know, but at this point, I'm desparate.

By the way, I started seeing it in March. I have managed to survive thus far by following M's rules. It pains me, though.


  1. Hello Drew, I am known as Nessa(Herald). I saw your comment on The Tutorial and figured you could use some friendly words.

    I'm really sorry about Sam. By now you might have guessed that he's been Hallowed or killed, or worse. At least you're alive.

    The process of being Hallowed varies from person to person. It can take from 2 weeks to 2 years. There might even be a way to resist it. The Sages have been working on a cure. I would advise seeking their help if you start showing hallowing symptoms.

    Good luck on your run.

  2. Yo, Fizzbomb here: new to the horror story and injecting a fresh dose of idealism only found in TTGL.

    From what I understand, sounds like your friend cracked fast. But if he suddenly resurfaces and gets in touch, remember the old adage: Better safe than sorry.

    I'd avoid letting him near you until you can be 100% sure he's not a deadhead. That, and get in touch with the (Sages), like Nessa said.

    Sorry to hear about your loss, mate, but right now you need to worry about you. If you're going to stay at home, I've got a few things that've been keeping my spirits light:
    1) Keep yourself entertained. So long as you're still in the early stages of a haunting, seems Slim won't actively attack or enter your home, just watch you from without. So keep yourself entertained--books, music, video games, movies, cable TV, backhanding the facsimile of the Prime Minister of Malysia, whatever gives you a chuckle. I'd suggest lots of positive, uplifting music. If you listen to too much depressing music it'll get to you.
    2) Keep all windows and doors locked when you leave or when you won't be alert, like if you have headphones on or go to sleep. It may not help, but psychologically speaking it'll help keep you from cracking.
    3) Find good places to put Operator symbols up. I've got one in my front window, in my bedroom, and above my computer desk.
    4) If seeing him staring in gets to be too much, draw the curtains and blinds. This doesn't mean "out of sight, out of mind," it just means, "Keep your ears peeled in case he steps into your home."

    Keep loose, keep entertained, keep alert.

  3. Thank you both very much. Yeah, I hate to say it, but yeah, Sam would crack fast. It wasn't in his nature to be good at confrontations, which is why he avoided them at just about every turn. By the way, the other friend, Ron, who is also being h(a)unted, he's okay...for now. He's here with me. Right now we're in a big city and in a high up hotel room watching a children's cartoon because there's no way in hell I'm watching something dark like CSI right now.

    Alright, I'm post the next bit of our encounters with any findings about Slendy that I can unearth in Sam's notebooks and the like.