Wednesday, December 1, 2010

The hell?

Alright, so to recap, I start feeling the hallowing effect after I get word of my dear, dear friend Drew's disappearance and then suddenly Nessa "resurrects" and Jeff falls to the dark side. Alright, I've decided to get my shit together before the same thing happens to me. You'll find crosswords puzzles are excellent for keeping the conscious mind active.
Anyway, I'm in another town now and on the third floor of a big library which I hid in 'til closing. Now I just have to stay hidden until I slip out after opening.

I'm at a bit of a crossroads. I could go to another, but I'm also within a bus ride back home where I could take up Drew's role int he search he was going to go on with Jared. What do you guys think? Should I?


  1. Come to us Ron.

    You'll find everything you need is here.

    Lose your Self and gain Identity.

  2. not a bad idea with crosswords, I prefer Picross and Sudoku but I approve. it's small and portable, with hours of use.

    As for crossroads...well this is where it gets tricky.

    Seven roads lie before you, but you'll never know which leads to Jade or Obsidian. Just keep your cool, use your common sense.

  3. I already have an identity, thank you very much "Nessa". My name is Ron Foster, I was born Feb 11th 1985, my talents lie in mechanics, art, and medicine, and my favorite books are the works of Jules Verne. I have a mother, father, brother, and fiance. Anyone who comes between those wonderful memories and experiences who make up who I am can go fuck themselves with the business end of a rake. I hereby rebuke you, demon calling itself Nessa. Get thee behind me! After what that thing you call your master did to poor Elijah, Sam, Stephanie, and now Drew, I can do nothing but refuse you.

    @zero: I'll try all the above in keeping my mind active. As for the crossroads, well: my mind is telling me to go to another town. Another part of me in the region of the chest is saying pick up what Drew started. I mean, would slimjim have taken Drew if he wasn't onto something with the latter's Mountain Man? I'm conflicted.

    On one hand, going back got Drew in trouble, and Jared 'just' avoided being taken by driving off in his truck at full speed. Jared's alright, by the way. Oh, man, we both may be in deep no matter what I do at this point.

  4. it took you this long to realize how deep it is?

    btw forgive me if I ever call you Drew, on my blog or wherever, I've been rather preoccupied lately

  5. I know how deep it is, believe me. What I meant was that by comparison, I think we're in deeper trouble than before. So far I've seen the twig about three times today and if he snagged Drew right from his home, then going back may be more dangerous than ever.