Sunday, November 28, 2010

Ron Here: "It is my goal to reduce Hitler down to such a figure of ridiculousness that no one will ever take his ideas seriously again."

That quote is from Mel Brooks on the topic of Nazis.

"Its good to be the king"

Having been born 1926, that was a very relevant topic to him in the forties. I have a plan. What if we introduced ol' slimjim to the viewing public at large in a musical play comedy where we feature him a pathetic ineffectual villain to such a degree that the very concept of Slender Man becomes a stupid, pathetic, incompetent, harmless, and above all else: not something they would fear. Now I know how stupid this sounds, but if ol' slimfast's presence lacks the ability to inspire fear then we have diminished his pull. Well, I know a publisher from before I went on the run who I know has not been tainted. I know this is toying with his life, but he has connections to the kind of people who would be able to make a comedic musical play about It possible. Can't you just see it now? Ol' slim prancing around the stage in Tim Curry's little get-up from Rocky Horror Picture Show singing Sweet Transvestite? Either it would be very satisfying thing to behold, or you might do this:

Yes, this would spread knowledge of the concept of slender man in an auditorium, but it would tainted awarenesss much like kids dressing up like him Halloween (oh, believe me, I intend to get in touch with Halloween costuming companies by any means necessary if the Winter Solstice plan doesn't turn out well for us. I've been making detailed sketches of the bastard for them to go off of. I know I would be toying with their lives, but any chance of spreading this "bad-for-him-awareness" like Robert(ex-Sage; Guardian) mentioned will be a welcome opportunity I will take since we'll all be screwed anyway otherwise).

That's what I want to talk to you about, zero. Does any of this hold any merit? Is anything I've written here worth pursuing or should I just quit dillydallying and jsut update the events and notebook stuff liek Drew wanted while trying to survive.

Other News:

On My Own Running:

Alright, as you all know tall, dark, and slim reigned hell fire and brimstone down on his opposers around Thanksgiving and I seem to be one of the only ones not on the list of people who wasn't attacked. This has apparently raised the suspicion of a blogger who will remain unnamed who contacted me and demanded to know my Running method. Simple, guy: I was mericlessly attacked along with everyone else, but I'm never more than a dozen blocks away from a Police Station at night. I'm able to run that far and have.
Each and every agent and proxy that's even tried to mess with me found themselves on the run, gunned down, or arrested within minutes. In fact, after about the fourth attack the police even sent the word out into the town to keep on the look-out for these freaks and they've even been actively been hunting them down. In fact, two proxies or two agents just ran by followered by a black-and-white right this minute. I'm telling you, any Runners reading this, you should try this sometime. Once you're done with your business during the day, just find a spot to nestle up near some local law inforcement you'll never have to truly worry again as far as Its minions are concerned. Of course, It will still be the biggest worry, but if you follow M's rules you'll be fine.
Now, if you're going to partake in the Solstice, I'd hold off telling anyone too soon. The less time between your announcement and the actual event will also be less time ol' stick has to rally his deadheads to get to you in which their own forces will be split preparing for it as we are. To anyone on their way to zero's or any of the other team-ups happening, just keep your head. The worse you can do is lose your wits. Calming breaths, peaceful thoughts, steeling your nerves, caution, and common sense are you greatest friends. Well, okay, M, the Sages, and the others are also your friends, too.
In fact, let me recommend two people who are highly active and helpful right now: zero and Fizzbomb. I think I trust these two above the others. I did trust the current unfortunatr ward of Fizz, Nessa, even more perhaps, but... Just read Fizz's blog. I don't have the heart.

My involvement with the Solstice: I intend to survive it. If zero's plan doesn't go well, I intend to take up experimenting on the tall dude as the Sages do if none of them remain afterwards or if they're welcoming recruits b then. I have a few ideas I want to try but will not disclose here. That said, I think zero, Amelia, and Maduin will survive this ordeal and walk away from the Solstice bodies and minds intact (don't any you dare prove me wrong. Especially not you, zero. You are my favorite of all of the sages that have been).

On Drew and Jared's search for the potential Conduit who lived their asses: Jared is one day away from home and will be teaming up with Drew then. Good luck, guys.

Misc: Hey, anybody remember that first post where Drew posted about Sam? Well, one of the proxies chased off by the police left behind one of his personal belongings: his knife. I would recognize it anywhere. He had his signature engraved on it. I did not get a good look at the man who wielded it, but he was at least about as tall as Sam. Thus...

Status of Haunted Friends Update:

Samuel Maguire. Haunted. Hallowed (Potentially). I am already gathering the necessary items to create a cure using the research laid down by the sages and I intend to capture him if it is him if he shows up to attack me. Heh. Don't worry, Sam could never take me in a fight, even if it was serious. In fact, slimjim still hasn't come anywhere close to throwing the agent or proxy that could take me in a fight yet. I don't know if that means he's holding back on me or if that really is the best he's got outside of the Revenants. I hope for the latter but expect the former. Perhaps I should begin an inquiry about the competence level of the standard agent and proxy to gain a frame of reference to gauge these guys. No use beginning one about Revenants. I'm royal dead if one shows up.


  1. firstly, please don't call me a sage anymore. Titles do have meanings, but they can fill you with overconfidence, and ruin your rationality if you take them with more than just words.

    second, what other team ups are going on the Solstice?

    third, ehhhh I'm not so certain about the concept. It has potential of course, and I understand the idea, Sam Jay did the same thing with his story, and I've written a few times that we have to write his story to an end somehow.

    That said, Springtime for Slendy, does sound amusing.

  2. I would definitely go to see it in the theater.