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These are the findings of the second notebook:

P. 1: As with last time, its the (X) symbol, but nothing else.

P. 2: cetissol

P. 3: crude drawing of a cabin in the woods.


P 5: runallyoulike

P. 6: iwillfindyou

P. 7: whenicatchyou

P. 8: youwillknowpaindespairsufferinginsantykillkillkillkillkillkillkillkillkillkillkillkillkillkillkillkillkillkillkillkillkillkillkill


P. 10: hatehatehatehatehatehatehatehatehatehatehatehatehatehatehate

P. 11: Another drawing of a great tree that towers over the others. Again, it also has layers with a different world or realm sticking out of it.

P. 12: youwilljoinusyouhavenochoiceinthematter

P. 13: youwanttoknowmyname?

P. 14: ihavenoneedforone

P. 15: youhumansmustonlyknowiamme


P. 17: canyouReachhim

P. 18: whatdoiwant

P. 19: iwantyouiwantallofyou

P. 20: why?

P. 21: allingoodtimemydear


P. 23: wheredoicomefrom

P. 24: thatwouldruinthefun

P. 25:  mUSt i gO


P. 27: he walks here and there

P. 28: ilovemytoys

P. 29: theyaresofunespeciallyaftertheybreak

P. 30: cometomechild

P. 31: whoamiafter allofyou

P. 32: whofirstthough

P. 33: comeoutchildwecanplayallthetimetogetherforeverandever

P. 34: 12 hesgonnagetyou 34nevergotosleep 56neversleepagain

P. 35: hellodrew

P. 36: amanisnotafortress

P. 37: whatiam

P. 38: thatwouldruinthesurprise

P. 39: youarenolongerfun

P. 40: iamafraidourplaytimehasconcludedfornow

P. 41: iwillreturnlaterlittletoy

P. 42: imbackchild

P. 43: what do you intend to do to me

P. 44: allingoodtime

P. 45: why do you stand there

P. 46: (something written I can't understand)

P. 47: why iggdrasil

P. 48: noneofyourconcern

P. 49: Again, another drawing of a big tree.

P. 50: A drawing of a snowglobe? It looks either like a bubble or glass globe with some buildings and a dark sky cast overheard inside. I don't conprehend this. Perhaps this could be some kind of reality marble, which is basically subdimension where people can be kept. For example, in both Marble Hornets and EverymanHYBRID Jay and the group have been warped through time and space and if Welcome to the Ark on EMH means anything, they've been in one of these. It might also explain where the ones IT gets to go when they don't reappear again assuming he doesn't consume them. Perhaps they were never taken to the Other Side but are in fact in a subdimension he made. Perhaps as pets?

P. 51: three days of night

P. 52: rival

P. 53: theworldshavebeenconnected

P. 54: A drawing of a circle.

P. 55: llemsrettib

P. 56: i Am TrEvOr ThE mAsTeR hAs SeNd FoR mE

P. 57: comeplaycomeplay

P. 58: youdarestandabovemecomedownthisinstant

P. 59: pieces are in position my move

P. 60: A crude drawing of ol' slimjim

P. 61: A drawing of slimjim staring in upside down as if he were on Sam's roof and peering in from there.

P. 62: you need only connect

P. 63: he touched me

P. 64: where am i

P. 65: dark

P. 66: chanting

P. 67: beating of drums

P. 68: a shadow moves

P. 69: it is dark

P. 70: they are coming

P. 71: three days of night

P. 72: A photo taped to the page of a hole Sam's wall looking like something busted in. The hole is big enough to fit a man.

P. 73: Another photo. Too dark to tell, but the POV is from on top of Sam's bed. A figures is diving out of the the line of view. Too dark to tell anything else.

P. 74: Another photo of Sam sleeping. The POV is by his bedside and ol' slimjim is standing across from the camera at the other side of the bed. Since when do images of It come out this clear?

P. 75: Photo of some masky sitting at the foot of Sam's bed. POV: from atop of Sam's bed. Why would a proxy be acting like the Rake?

P. 76: smeestitahwton

P. 77: Photo of Sam's front yard. Guess who's hiding among the trees in the back of it?

P. 78: Photo of slimjim seemingly charging the trailer Sam's in in full on combat mode.

P. 79: stayawayfromthetrees

P. 80: comeoutandwellgoforawalk

P. 81: Drawing of slim

P. 82: Photo of Sam slasher smiling at the camera.

P. 83: Some undeveloped film taped to the page. Can't make the images out.

P. 84: Another drawing of a winged armored lady.

P. 85: What looks another crude drawing of Gollum. What is this thing? It was also in the previous notebook? The Rake? Doubtful, there was already a Masky sitting at the foot of his bed Sam never had any cuts that I know of.

P. 86: Drawing of...It strangling Sam with its tentacles.

P. 87: A drawing of a black, bare tree. No obvious business shirt or tie or head present. Don't get it.

P. 88: Same tree, now with said appearance accesseries.

P. 89: Same tree now in full slimjim form.

P. 90: Wodinaz.

P. 91: wasnotenoughstillhungered (I don't like the sound of that whether is was Sam or slimfast who was in control while writing that.)

P. 92: Oh good lord in heaven, a drawing of Elijah after he met his fate...months after Sam disappeared.

P. 93: A drawing of Stephanie dying by Drew's hand when she attacked us. Why is this shit being shown in here? Well, I won't let it shake me.

P. 94: a drawing of a smiling Josh on the fourth floor of a hotel. Given the accuracy of this other two drawings, I guess this means Josh made it out alive.

P. 95: A drawing of Drew's Mountain Man alive and well, but somewhere dark. It looks like a merky swamp with fog. So I'm guessing this is the other side Robert described.

P. 96: A drawing of a street light with the red light on. Real cute, slimjim.

P. 97:  Alright, three images on this page. Another image of Mountain Man, but he's cornered by some shadows while protecting someone. The other figure he's protecting is holding an object of some sort. The next image is of Mountain Man fighting them off as the other figure makes a run for it, clutching the item for dear life. Third image is of the figure being caught by some other figures and dragged off. The item is nowhere to be seen here.

P. 98: A smiling man prancing through a field of flowers inside a bubble while outside the bubble maskies and people running from them are about in a darker atmosphere.

P. 99: Drawing of Mountain Man walking away from the fight, his adversaries dead on the ground..

P. 100: The (X) sign.

Alright, obviously a lot of information is revealed here, but it was certainly on slim's terms that it came out. I still don't get the armoed lady or ladies who keep appearing, or the Gollum-like creature. It makes no sense for the scuttler to be the Rake. He's busy with the hybrids and there is no evidence here to suggest Sam was ever attacked in a Rake-like fashion.
As for Mountain Man, the guy he was trying to help who got caught and dragged off. Robert? It would at least seem to be, but the 'thing' the guy is carrying is never detailed. For all we know, it was the operator sign Draw spoke of and this was some other Guardian-type figure, though the images do fit.
Also, Yggdrasil, Wodinaz? Wodinaz is another word for Odin. In the previous notebook a couple in the pages that could imply that ol' slim is a creation of the Norse gods. But why, when, how, and where are all still up in the air. Then there's the frightening image of the original notebook of several slims attacking a town, as well as a picture of some nondetailed stick figured being obliterated from above. Maybe He was one of many who had a purpose that did not include...uh, doing what He does, but then they went bad and were destroyed. Pure conjecture. And it doesn't help us since it also implies that nothing short of an act of God will stop him, and the last thing we need is that implication.

So, long story short, I have no idea how much of these notebooks are accurate or useful, but I'm going to post all the findings in the hopes they are.

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