Monday, November 22, 2010


I gave short list of people in my circle who became haunted. This is what happened.

Jared: Haunted. Running. May 10th 2010-Present.

Sam: Haunted. Disappeared. 2009 Nov. 18th.

Drew: Haunted. Running with Ron. Running since 2010 Nov. 18th.

Ron: Haunted. Running with Drew(me). Same.

Elijah: Haunted. He was found impaled on a tree with his organs removed.  His left eye was also gouged much like Logan's. 2010 Aug. 19th.

Stephanie: Hanted. Hallowed, then... Killed, by me. We first saw she completely under its control in June this year. I had no choice when she attacked us shortly after on the 21st.

Josh: Haunted. Disappeared. When last seen, he was not showing signs of being Hallowed or driven to insanity. So hopefully he just Ran without telling the rest of us. Disappeared on 2010 Nov. 3rd.

Danny, the boy who saved by the mountain man along with me: I barely knew this guy and I last knew him in Middle School. I'm in my mid-20s now. He disappeared on a presently unknown date, but I'd wager it was around the same time I had my little memory come back to me.

My mother: Diseased. Hopefully just passed in a burning house and not...Taken. Mid April.

That said, my father also once disappeared until unknown circumstances while hunting up in the woods where I encountered it as a child.

Then I also heard about multitudes of children going to missing around this time, as well as a few adults.

Now everyone in the circle of friends and family is either dead or Running.

EDIT: I will get back to recording the details of the varous incidents that made up our encounters and I will continue to post notebook findinds. I just wanted to let you all know what basically happened to us.

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