Saturday, November 20, 2010

Looks like Drew's been busy. Ron here.

Found the dope who calls himself Drew sleeping in front of his laptop with an article from Testing 1, 2, 3 on the screen. Yeah, I'm the running partner you've been hearing about from him.

Yo, that's some pretty freaky shit in Sam's notebook. This would be the second time the world tree from Norse mythology has come up concerning the stickman. Whatever. If Thor was going to fry this guy's ass for us, it'd have happened by now since heaven knows that there's no way any god could ignore the rash of activity from stick.

I don't know what half of anything in Drew's latest update, but we really do need you guys on our end. He hasn't even began to cover just what hell our lives became or what drove Jared to just up and Run long before any of the rest of us did.

Woop, the dope's stirring. Better not hi

Shit! Gotta go!


  1. Well, this isn't good. Well, guys, I hope whatever's going on doesn't get you. And just so you know, yes, its me. The very same Jared who turned tail and ran like a coward months ago.

    Guys, I'm sorry. I really am. Please be alright.

    Jared out.

  2. Read the second post. During our time before Running, Drew dreamed about a man with a (X) sign that was covered with a Substance that was somewhat black. It drove off the construct. He was able to confirm the happenings int he dream with a teacher.
    I hate to spoil the story, but we never did find the man.

  3. Quite right. Alright, guys, Ron and I are fine. Two proxies busted into our room. We...killed them and ran. We're going to another town by bus. Will keep you posted. I'm going to guess it didn't like me posting the notebook findings.