Tuesday, November 23, 2010


Greetings fellow stalked

With all this talk of the Winter Solstice I've decided to return home and track down the symbol I have described and inquired about, as well as the msyerious mountain man who wielded it. We searched those woods about five times, each time deeper and found nothing but a long abandoned cabin with some ancient stew left in a pot over a long since dead fire.
After Jared left, the search ended as he was the best at finding his way through woods and fields.Well, Elijah, Sam, and Stephanie didn't die for nothing, I'll see to that.

I've been inspired to courage by zero, Amelia, and various others and I will take my own stand in this time. Ron has declined and will continue running He will be the one to keep this blog going from now on, as I will not be taking anything as unwieldy as a laptop with me on this chase. My own hunt is on. I will however keep in contact with him and he will relay if I find anything and confirm that I am, in fact, still alive.

Ron here:

Yo. Been a while. I guess I've been promoted to being Drew's own keeper. I will post the rest of our tale and the notebook findings. Keep it strong, hornets, hybrids, and runners. We out.


  1. If you're really going to go through with this, Drew, then I will also return home. I will carry the laptop and report any findings my own blog which I will start. Ron, you just stick to updating our tale and the notebooks. If all else fails, you have to live, Ron. You hear me?

  2. I'm doing a quick head count. There was a massive simultaneous attack last night on us runners. Let me know how your group held up if you guys got hit at all.

  3. Ron here: We weren't hit last night, but on the firt night of this blog we were.