Monday, November 22, 2010

We're back:

Drew here.

Alright, Ron and I made it the next town and we're fine. You see what I mean? The whole slenderprozies and agents shit started up with disturbing quickness in our case. There was no months long torment before it pulled out the big guns on us. In no other cycle of events concerning it have I ever seen the proxies, agents, burned bridges, and disappearances happen so quickly than in our case. I don't know why it is acting differently with the victims that once made up my social circle, but isn't because we invisioned it differently. We just don't know. We did envision it as the tactical bastard who tears us down for long months, but that's not how it went for us. If you read the 'a bit about me' entry, you'll see how quickly the bastard went to work in our case.
The whole reason Ron, Jared, and myself are still here is just because we don't crack easily and know how to calm ourselves and keep our heads.

I have theory on this. I think we honestly are its substinance and it's storing for the coming attack announced by greenlight/Robert/Sage, and it was using our particular lot for the fuel. And Sam's notebooks are obviously important in some day, as is the one meaningful dream I had concerning the mountain man. Why else would two proxies appear in our hotel room the very night I first started the blog and posted the findings of the first one.

Anyway, I've done a bit of studying concerning the 'smell' sense Nessa mentioned as the new element in the narrative. I can't be sure, but I faintly recall the object the man who saved the other kid and myself as children smelling like a very bitter tree sap. Perhaps it was the wood it was made out of. How can I get a hold of Robert?


  1. I think you're spot on Drew. He knows about the Solstice, let him, I know how bad he wants me, I can feel the bastard sometimes. Oh Fuck, I just left myself unguarded against another slash fic....
    damnit I mean, I know he wants me dead.

    Okay sorry for the stupid tangent. Yeah, he's really picked up lately. The Solstice can't come quick enough, I am sick of this crap of his,

    Robert will appear if he wants to, nothing more, I've had a little contact with him, but I'll pass on that you want to speak with him, if he's around.

    Hmmm tree sap? Oh! The guy coated in substance, I see!

    well, i've never seen ectoplasm myself, but that sounds about right. I'm hardline convinced that is what the -substance- is.

  2. Well, you see, the guy wasn't coated in substance, but the (X) he had was.

    In the dream I had, the mountain man wielded a (X) sign made out of wood (a piece of wood twisted in a circle with two sticks making up the X-shape. The sticks making up the 'X' were coated in some sort of blackish substance). When the man rum rushed the construct (whoever he is/was, he had balls) he touched the symbol to the construct and it even released the child it picked up before vanishing. Then the man took the other kid and myself back to safety. I dreamed about this formerly repressed memory months ago when my hauntings first start. We necer found the man in question. Either he's in hiding like Robert or...yeah. Let's not think about the alternatives. If anything bad happened to that manw ho saved my life, I hope it was just death since it been implied several times that 'it' torments us for eternity when it claims us.

    I'm convinced that if we can just get a hold of some substance and perhaps the same tree bark that made up the symbol, we'd have working weapons. Problem is, that symbol he wielded was probably from the Other Side, where Robert is. Well, I just hope Guardian can also translate to Delivery Boy, because I don't know how to get there. I'd gladly brave the Other Side just for a shot at making a weapon that can hurt it if I could if only for the satisfaction of seeing it scream.

    Wow, long post.

  3. You kidding, Drew? I'd do it for a Klondike bar. ;)