Wednesday, December 22, 2010


Zero must have done it. I decided to make my stand after the Solstice rather than while it was going on to test the effects of the battle zero and the others raged.

Then Tall, dark, and faceless came for me with intent to kill after I shouted my challenge at the edge of his woods. He reached out with his tentacles. I dodged to the side and away and batted away the one tentacle that came to me with the crowbar I stole a while back. Then I ran for it, stripping off my (X) symbols. The very ones that once protected me

You see, I was testing him to see if he would be able to slenderwalk right up to me once I turned my back on him to run. I had informed Jared of this gave him the password to this blog if he didn't hear from me in one hour of this experiment. My plan was to see what slim could do to me once he attacked. I had a feeling I would catch him in just enough of a bad mood in light of the solstice for this to work.

Anyway, back to the happenings, I looked back and he was pursuing using his branchlike arm thingies to move himself along Doc Ock-style, but no faster than I was running from him. Then I sped up a little more and eventually lost him. Zero did it. I challenged him and lived. Alright, I may have run away like a little bitch, but I did so after tossing aside the (X) symbols that formerly confused him and kept him from slenderwalking after people. I laugh now. Zero did it. The bastard did it. Slim's been weakened. His proxies and agents won't have been weakened though, so we will al probably be seeing more of them in the future. But as for the creature himself, he has been weakened, and it seems like slenderwalking is now out of the equation.

Of course he could have just been jerking me off in light of the events, but I'm going to test this again. If you hear from me again, it will mean I managed to get away from him a second time. But I'm feeling optimistic. If slenderwalking is now out of the question, then life for us just got a lot easier and I'm willing to put my sanity and life on the line to prove or disprove it. I'm scared. Don't be fooled. I'm scared. If he was just trying to fool me and he can slenderwalk my ass onto a tree branch while playing surgeon, then I'm in for some pain. But someone has to double and possibly triple test this. I'm the one he didn't slenderwalk after the first time, so I guess I volunteer to go up against the devil again. Wish me luck.

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