Sunday, December 5, 2010

Maybe I shouldn't have been so open about going to Boston...

I know M wanted to know what I was up to, but now I'm thinking I should have kept my whereabouts non-specific. First, the "whole train witnessing slim's handiwork" affair happened. Since then, I've been on the run from four proxies, and a cop who turned out to be an agent. So now I'm wanted for resisting arrest and wounding a police officer (no nevermind he pulled his gun without just reason and I let him have it with the crowbar before he could shoot) and the bastard has me labeled as a suspect in the forementioned massacre. Yeah, like I'd be able to kill six men, eight women, and eleven children, then do....that, to them, and then get as far as Boston from there on foot scot free. Yeah, the local News told me the specific number of people. That's a tall killing even for slendy in one go. That's 25 people, for Peter's sake!

And zero's right. That is the most public killing slim's ever committed, and why to scare me of all people?! Shouldn't the big guns be saved for scaring former sages and whatnot? I'm just a guy with a blog that wasn't even started by me and some notebooks. Could it be the notebooks he wants? Could it be that I declared that I will be taking a stand on the Solstice? ... ... ...Hardly changes that I'm far from his biggest concern. Ugh. I know life is unfair but this is just ridiculous.

I don't get him. Or maybe I do. The way I've always interpretted slim is that he's a bully. A common schoolyard bully. Sure, he's big and tough, and its easy to be so when you're well...invincible, basically. So he picks on creatures and beings weaker than himself and formed himself a gang out of members he either brow beat into place or by people who joined him. What I wouldn't do to rattle his cage and make Him Run from me. Chase Him from His home, and make Him sleep in the attic of a church. Yeah, that's where I am right now. I could only afford one night at the hotel.

Someday, slim, I will kill you. You've take all but one of my friends (Jared) from me. I swear I will pay you back with ten fold interest someday. Count on it. You want a fight? I'll give you a fight, since you're obviously picking one with me. But I won't pull a Even on you, since his usteam showed that his bat didn't even connect. Everything has a weakness. I will find your's.

I was content to Run and not be a problem, but since slim has made it clear He's going to treat my Running with the upmost seriousness for whatever reason, I figure it's time to man up. To whoever on mankind's side who reads this: I'm with you. I'm a Runner, but I will also be a Fighter when I can get the opportunity without getting myself killed.

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