Saturday, December 4, 2010

Officially in Boston now.

As those who have been keeping up know, I decided to Run by way of Amtrak from Chicago to Boston. Well, it was a few day journey even with how fast these loud, comfounded metal boxes can go. I met another Runner named Robbie. His destination is not Boston, though. Sure, he was going to the same city as I, but from there he hopped onto a bus which will take him to another town as he intends to go to Maine for reasons I did not ask (and yes, I know he wasn't a proxy or agent, I saw him get on the bus he said he would as I followed him to make sure he was the real deal and that I didn't have one of His keeping tabs on me in town).

But that's not the most notable thing. The tracks passed by some woods, with some of the trees fairly close to the train. No, I didn't see Him, but the entire train got a good look at His handiwork. The train passed by a tree which had...I don't know how many corpses impaled on its branches, but there were a lot. I could also faintly see the plastic bags hanging from the branches from the Amtrak. It... It wasn't pretty, as you all know. Worse of all, there were children who had I seen insisting on the window seat while traveling with their parents. I will never forget their cries in horror and disgust at the sight of It' There were police at the scene of the crime who were desperately trying to cover up the view from the railroad, but weren't quick enough to stop my ride from getting the message.This was the between the last stop and Boston. It and It's minions are somewhere in Boston waiting for me.

Right now I'm on the highest floor of a nice, big mall at a food court. I'm not particularly hungry after seeing that, but I know if I don't keep m strength up I'll die, so down the hatch. I've also managed to get myself set up a REALLY cheap hotel where I know the sheets haven't been watched. Fortunately I was able to pass myself off a bum convincingly enough to get enough change for the Laundromat so my own sheets and blankets will at least be clean tonight. I may sink pretty low, because I've been eyeing a homeless shelter's soup line, but holding off going there. I may yet as money keeps getting tighter.

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  1. Ugh...that', that's unpleasant. That's like one of the most publicly witnessed slender events ever, I think.

    Those poor kids,, i just realized, that probably everyone on that train that saw that are now 'exposed' to the monster in some form, probably enough that they'll be victims someday.